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Family History: Keeping a Love Story Alive

As was picking up the papers from the floor heard a voice say,” Mm, ice work Valentine. ” Startled, immediately looked up and saw a handsome young man holding some of my papers in his hands with a big smile on his face. I had never seen him before but wasn’t complaining, he was nice to look at. I got up and gave him my thanks. “No problem, any time,” he responded as I continued to my walk home. We both didn’t know what the future had in store for us. Remember getting home and telling my mother what had happened and what a beautiful smile he had. There was something about him that kept me intrigued about him day and night.

A few weeks passed and ere infatuated with him, so much I would keep walking the same way home hoping to run into him once again but to no avail. Then on an ordinary Sunday morning, when my whole family and I went to church, I saw him from afar and felt as my heart started to pound against my chest . I was so nervous, had imagined this moment a lot but hadn’t formulated a plan for when it actually happened. Counted the minutes for church to be over, so that could approach him and see if he remembered me as well . I waited patiently for my mother outside when I heard a him say, “Hello Valentine anymore papers flying away? Coked back and there he was, once again with that beautiful smile looking at me. Felt as my face started turning crimson and responded with a slight chuckle, ” No, no more flying papers this time”. We started a light conversation and it flowed so freely as if we had known each other forever. A few weeks passed by when he finally asked me on a date. I was so thrilled he had asked but as any other normal teenage girl was nervous. When he picked me up, he had a bouquet of gorgeous white roses for me. We went to have a delicious dinner at a very cozy restaurant and afterwards went to get an ice-cream cone.

Everything was going just I had imagined. He was romantic, nice, courteous, and the most handsome guy had ever met. When we parked outside my house he asked me to Stay a few minutes more to talk. He said to me have a gift for you” as he reached for a small jewelry box from the backseat. He gave it to me and asked for me to open it. When I opened the jewelry box there was paper that said , “Would you do me the honor of becoming my girlfriend? “. I looked at him and responded with a very loud “Yes! ” . What else can a girl ask for, with such a special and unique way to be asked to be someone’s girlfriend.

I will always remember that day for the rest of my life. A few years passed by and with time our relationship grew stronger. I knew he was the guy I wanted to spend the rest of my life with . I remember it was a very hot summer in 1989, when called me to invite me to a party and asked me to look as beautiful as possible . I had no idea what he had planned. When he picked me up he gave me gorgeous white roses like he had done on our first date. He then mentioned that there had been a change of plans and that we were going to have dinner instead. After dinner, we went and got ourselves delicious treachery ice-cream cones.

I hadn’t noticed that were doing the exact same thing, as the day he asked me to be his girlfriend. It was like having our first date all over again, but even more special than the first we had a few years back. When we arrived to my house we stayed in his truck talking about everything and anything. He gave me a serious kick and said, “l stole something from you”. I gave him a confused look when saw him reaching into the backseat and grab the same old jewelry’ box he had given me. I started to laugh and asked, “why you did you take it? ” He just sent a grin my way and said, “Open it”.

As I opened the box I felt my heart beating faster and faster, and my hands started to sweat. At that moment I saw a paper in there that read, ” Would you do me the honor of becoming my wife and give me the pleasure of making you happy for the rest of our life? “. Felt as my tears cascaded down my cheeks, was beyond happy, surprised and speechless all at once. I looked at him and let out a sob and reached over the console and hugged him. “Yes, yes, yes I want to be with you forever, I love you,” I cried as he pulled out a beautiful ring and put it on my left hand where my fourth finger meets my knuckle.

This is our amazing love story and how we got to be here. It’s been quite a ride with ups and downs but our love is strong as ever. Twenty-three years have passed since we got married and have formed a beautiful family. We now have three gorgeous girls and one crazy little boy. We couldn’t be more blessed. Tell my children our love story all the time so one day they can tell our grandchildren one day how their grandparents met. True love does exist you just have to be patient. As that saying goes good things happen to those who wait. Our love story will not die with us, it will live throughout our family.

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