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How Does Daisy Change In The Great Gatsby Essay

In the blistering winds of Antarctica, there lays a creature that relies on true love to survive. The penguin is a flightless bird that has aquatic capabilities and is unbothered by the frigid temperature of its habitat. Interestingly the penguin is one of the few animals that are monogamous; In fact, they can die from a broken heart after their chosen mate dies. These animalistic characteristics seem to be portrayed throughout Gatsby’s character. He acts in manner as if Daisy were to not love him, he would die. In the book The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald, the main character Jay Gatsby becomes obsessed with the Daisy Buchanan and her love. He changes his entire persona to make himself a man that would fit best with her.

Although Gatsby thought that Daisy’s love was the ultimate prize, his desperation is what lead to his own death. He was by no means ready to live the the type of life he created for himself. Sometimes in relationships, there can be a certain obsession from one side. It can be hard for someone to understand that they might have stronger feeling for a person than that person has for them. I loved you first; but afterwards your love out soaring mine, sang such a loftier song. “(Rossetti) was said in the poem “I loved you first: but afterwards your love” by Christina Rossetti. It is easy to see this poem in Daisy’s point of view. In her eyes they both fell in love with each other, but as the years past by, she moved on and slowly forgot about him while his feelings stayed and began to fester.

Rossetti distinctly uses the words “Out Soaring” suggesting that the love was not just a smidge more but instead overflowing. Daisy doesn’t see this side of him till she meets him again for the second time. Look at this’, said Gatsby quickly. ‘Here’s a lot of clippings– about you. ‘ They stood side by side examining it” (Fitzgerald 93. ) For Gatsby to have memorabilia, it shows how consumed he was by her and every fiber of her being. Even after all the years he had not seen her, he was keeping tabs on her; intently following her life and the events that carry on. In Daisy’s mind, she would either be completely flattered or completely freaked out, but judging on the events that are to come, she is humbled at the fact that a man like Gatsby would care so much about her.

She continues to see him, secretly. Gatsby fires his servants to insure that gossip about himself and her would not spread around. Once again showing her that her love was above everything he owned or could own. Do penguins ever wonder if they have made the right decision. Mating with the penguin they chose for life? In The Great Gatsby, Jay certainly experiences those feelings. In the poem “The Kiss” by Sara Teasdale, the lines “his kiss was not so wonderful, as all the dreams | had”(Teasdale) correlates to the feelings Gatsby has about Daisy after the initial meetups.

The word ‘kiss’ is not to be taken literally, when applied to the Great Gatsby, it is referring to the love that Daisy let Gatsby have a taste of. Over the years he has built up this image in his mind about her and he is quick to learn that it is an image she cannot live up to. He sacrifices his life and his future solely for her. When he first meets her he knows, monetarily, he can not support her. He comes to the conclusion that, in order for him to win the girl, he needs to come up with a large fortune; in doing so he contravenes the law and becomes a criminal.

Gatsby’s love faces an ultimatum when he confronts Daisy about her feelings toward him, “I did love him once—but I loved you too” (Fitzgerald 154) she replies back to him. Daisy fails to tell Gatsby that her love for him was any different the love she has for her husband. It could also be that the reason for her affair with Gatsby was to simply get back at tom because of his relationship with Myrtle. She hints towards loving them both, but for Gatsby it is not enough. At this moment, Gatsby sees everything he has worked hard for crumble right before his yes.

Even after everything he does, Daisy stays with her lying, cheating and deceitful husband. Gatsby sees the true woman Daisy is; a woman who values monetary capitalism as opposed to true love. Gatsby realizes that the price of her love is too expensive, he loses himself in the process of becoming the man he thought she wanted. Before he met Daisy he was an honest man; a soldier. He is poor but he truthful. It is only after meeting Daisy that he begins his trails of lies and deceitfulness. Gatsby is driven by one single goal, having Daisy for his own.

Because of his fixation he becomes a rich man and started to live the life of a wealthy young lad, but Gatsby knows that he is not cut out for this world. In the poem ‘Bright star, would I were stedfast as thou art by “Bright star, would I were stedfast as thou art- Not in lone splendor hung aloft the night” (Keats. ) the is the beginning line of Johns Keats poem. Initially Gatsby wants to be just like the rich people. He begins works for a rich man on his yacht, changes his name and takes a new identity, but later on he changes his mind.

He realizes that this upper class world was not meant for him, that this world is cruel. In the end he would see just how much he does not belong in this world when he is shot in the back, ironically when he is enjoying the riches of his stolen wealth. One out of the ordinary thing he does is host parties, but never enjoys them. It may seem to the reader as though he hosts them just so he can fit in with the crowd, but in his point of view he hosts them for a completely different reason. In reality he hosts these extravagant parties in hopes that maybe one day Daisy, his one true love, would come.

Just like how he had bought the house right across from her so he could stay away but not too far. He wants so badly to be apart of the upper class, but the only reason he wants it is because he thinks it will come with Daisies love. One reason Gatsby is unsuccessful in his quest for Daisy’s love is attributed to his inability to be himself. Jordan Baker, the pro golfer says “Gatsby bought that house so that Daisy would be just across the bay” (Fitzgerald 95) Gatsby has become completely mad with his quest for Daisy’s love. Even though he knows that she knows nothing of him, he doesn’t care.

He still wants to be right here when she does need him. He watches her house night after night staring at her green dock light that for him signifies that relationship they had is still alive and burning with passion. Gatsby’s quest for love became an obsession, a fixation, and this is what lead to his inability to have a relationship. Between Gatsby setting high expectations for her, constant obsession and his sacrifices, there was no room for daisy to mess up. Unfortunately she does. Because his money was new and insecure Daisy never felt safe with his wealth and much prefered her husband’s inherited stable wealth.

Because of his constant need to protect Daisy, when she killed Myrtle Wilson came seeking revenge for Gatsby. Like the coward Daisy was, she let him take the blame and didn’t even have the decency to make it to his funeral. Instead to she ran away with her husband who now was monogamous, but Tom has a very recurring style, how long will it take for him to go and find a new woman, and when he does who will daisy turn to then? Will it be the daughter that she loathes or the charlton people she considers friends. In the end Daisy will be alone, ironically just like Gatsby.

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