History of the Company

In 1992, Coral started Joining tinges in Mortar. She sold different kinds of T- shirts, slippers, and shorts. She saw the beauty of Philippine fabrics. From then on, she discovered a lot of Philippine indigenous materials like Baggie weed and pineapple. She started on designing clothes again. With one cutter and one sewer, CDMA Fashion House sewed its way to the top. They started to Join many bazaars around the world. Stitching beautiful designs of ethnic fabrics and its own appeal made Coral known to the International Market.

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Growing demands for beautiful designs of Coral, they traveled around the world to sell different kinds of gowns, barongs, and accessories made of Philippine indigenous materials. She was asked to dress class 78 ladies formed by wives of some knowing generals, Justices of the Supreme Court, and some mayors of Manila. With this, she championed Filipino native and indigenous fabrics. Many large and famous malls in the Philippines adored her products because of its appeal to the market.

In present days, CDMA Fashion House exhibits their one of kind designs in Russians Magmata, Russians Tower, Mall of Asia (MOA), The Block, and known stores in Europe. Their stall in Greenville now has 9 workers. Nature of Business Coral DC. Mambo Fashion House offers finely crafted kimono blouses, shawls and gowns with meticulous embroideries, bodywork and hand painted accents. Repair of their own made product, and made-to-order of gowns, barongs, and the like were offered. CDMA Fashion House also sells accessories that will fit for the gowns they created.

CDMA Fashion House is a Service and Product Oriented Company, a flexible many that offers made-to-order gowns that allows the customers to have their desired design of product. Vision Coral D]. Mambo Fashion House will continuously support the Filipino fabrics to promote the world-class beauty of our very own fabric in other parts of the world. Her designs will constantly tell more about the heart-felt dedication that is proudly Filipino. Mission To advocate the use of indigenous materials To promote culture To rediscover our rich culture By Airlifted

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