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History of Rolling Stones

Rolling Stones ” Paint it Black” The Rolling Stones were a big part of early Rock N’ Roll. They pushed the envelope more then any other band of their time. Paint it black which was released in 1966 is a very good example of the Rolling Stones not caring attitude. The Stones experimented a lot with different instruments, and gave their music a distinct sound, which I think helped with the influence of other bands and other genres to be made later on such as metal, some punk and emo music.

I liked many things about the song Paint it Black. One thing I love about the Rolling Stones is the vocals of Mick Jagger, who became rock’s prototypical front man with his great showmanship and his vocal talents are on display in this tune. In the song Keith Richards plays a very unique guitar track and I think it sounds great. The song is put together really well, I think the bass, guitar and drums compliment the vocals of Jagger very well. I liked the blues sound that the sRolling Stones had in their music.

I basically just love the uniqueness of the song and lyrics, especially because the era it was released in. The song “Paint it Black” is very significant during its 1966 release. It was the first “angry” song to be released. Anger was never expressed previous to the release of the song, and it made this song kind of controversial. This was very important because it opened many doors for the genre of Rock N’ Roll because bands could broaden the topics of songs that they wrote.

The attitude of the music was very angry, a first for this era of music. The Rolling Stones wanted to express anger in this song. The lyrics in paint it black talk about that they wanted everything to be painted black, a dark color associated with anger and sadness, that they didn’t want to see any thing colorful, which would cheer them up possibly. One of the B- Side songs by the Rolling Stones was “Under my Thumb” released in 1966.

There is a couple reasons I believe this song was never on the first side of the album. This song is really controversial, as it is about being against the woman’s movement, which was a pretty big issue during the release of this song. The song refers to woman as the sweetest “pet” in the world and says she talks when she is spoken too. During this time the sound of the music was maybe a little to unique, and the band probably thought it wouldn’t sell as much as some of their other big hits.

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