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History of KUB

With energetic and expertise Nazi has confidence and determined to take the loss-making CLC back to profitability in the current financial year. He has created a change in SUB with the restructuring and sale of assets to bring back SKI-JOB. Although many people said that nobody would be able to turn around SUB, he took the challenge and wanted to prove that they were all wrong. He brought SUB slowly moving out from a project – based business into a commercial or consumer – based businesses which provide sustainable earnings.

To do this, he has laid down a business plan that streamlining under three core areas: Information and communications technology (CIT), property, engineering and construction (PECK) and food related businesses. SUB was once announced plans to sell off A&W, their fast food chain restaurant because of loss – making from day one. When Nazi came on board, he lobbied to retain A&W and took a year to convince A&W owner Yum! Brands Inc that SUB was the right partner. It was very tough to reverse the board decision to sell off A&W businesses but they need sustainable income.

He made refurbishment and relocation for A&W. Up to June 30, it has seen a 20% growth in revenue compared with year 2008. A&W now has 60 outlets which are 30 and Malaysia and 30 in Thailand Going forward, with his leadership skills, Nazi is very clear what he wants to do. It’s an ongoing rationalization but at least the core direction is fixed. Under the CIT business Nazi now focuses on hardware and software, managed security services and supports the telecommunications business of Telecoms Malaysia Bad.

In its last financial year, the CIT division has recorded an increase n sales and rental of electronic imaging products and has completed a major portion of the ARM 73. 9 million worth of pilot projects for RTFM. Nazi also divert the focus in monitoring the development of its liquefied petroleum gas (LIP) activities into number two business although previously it was a core business. He says that the prices are very uncertain and controlled by government. He is confident that all the measures will help the group achieve its target to return to black in the medium to long – term. While focusing on the domestic front,

SUB will also look at opportunities abroad and is exploring West Asia for mega projects. With the charismatic associated, Mood Nazi, able to influence others because of his inspirational qualities. Everybody is working very hard to ensure profit for the company. Morale is high and we are moving forward. We can see that SUB never reported a profit in the past 1 1 years since its corporation. This is the challenge for Nazi and his staffs. For the talent he has shown and the responsibilities he has carried, Mood Nazi was selected to receive the Asia Pacific Entrepreneurship Awards (APE) 2009.

He was responsible for the company’s meaningful net profit of ARMY. 91 million in 2008. SUB listed in 1997, now SUB declared a six percent dividend to all shareholders, the first in 12 years. Mood Nazi’s skillful of restructuring of the company’s business to concentrate on three core sectors of information and communication technology, properties, engineering and construction and food related industries contributed to the encouraging profits and helped maintain the company s position. Mood Nazi is the man who had succeeded where others had failed to put SUB on the profitability path.

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