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Essay on What Does Being A Hero Mean To Me

Everyone has someone they see as a hero. Heroes to little kids may be their mother, a police officer, and sometimes their favorite basketball player. Heroes mean a lot to some people and some people think they are just a regular person. A hero is a strong individual and does what they can to help someone else. Growing up a hero to me is someone who goes out their way to help someone else. I always wished that I was a hero to someone. I always tried to do something good for outside people. I don’t want to do it to be a hero but to be a helping hand.

You never know how someone day is going and to be a person to make someone smile on a bad day is relieving. It’s the little thing that can help a person. My mother always told me”. Don’t look for a handout from someone because they may not have it, just be a good person and do what’s right”. People sometimes think a hero is someone who save people lives. A hero could be anyone not just a cop or firefighter. Heroes come inside of different people. Kids think heroes are someone who fly around and saves lives. A hero does so much more than what they are recognized for.

I have always felt as if God is my hero. God has done so many wonderful things in my life. People may think, “How could I say God Is a hero”? God is a hero because, when I’m down, He’s there. I know that he will always make a way out of no way. I often find myself giving up on things but he always steps in at the right time ad make a way. He may not be your hero but he’s mine. You can feel anyone is your hero that’s your opinion, but always think, “Do your hero have your back? ” A song that continuously remind me of why I consider God my hero is “Jesus Is My Hero” by The Lads.

In the Song, “Jesus Is my hero” It stated that “Jesus make the world a star to the end, and in the end its you that I can depend”. (2015) The song has so much meaning to me. I depend on God in many ways. God has never left my side. I get worried sometimes but when I call his name, he’s there. I have been sick recently and everything was going bad I called my hero and he made a way. I feel better now. I just think to myself sometimes, Without God where would I be? He has loved me when I didn’t love myself and fixed problems I thought could never be fixed.

He is my hero, the strongest man I know, and the world’s greatest. I adore God in many ways. The strength that God has given me when I was weary is why he’s my hero. In the story, “Eveline”, I feel that she is a hero. She gave up her life for her father. Many people will look at it and say that it’s not fair. They may feel it’s not fair because she gave up her dreams to settle. I see it as Eveline is a kind -hearted person who is not self-centered. In the story Eveline it stated, “She had consented to go away, to leave her home. (Literature and The Writing Process 3)

In that paragraph I could tell that she thought about it and done what she though was right. Eveline should be considered a hero because she could have easily left her father but she done the right thing and stayed. I would’ve done the same thing for my parent. Your parents have given up their life for you. I feel since they have given up their life for you, you should be able to do the same if their sick or they need you. Parents are the only people you have when times get hard.

You can always go home to your mother or father and they will always have your back. Thave encountered real people in my life that I would consider a hero. A hero besides God in my life is Traci Murph. Traci Murph is like a second mother to me. I can always go to her for advice about school and life problems. She is one of the best teachers | have met. The things I go through she is there for it. She is always so concerned about her child development students. I feel she put her all into teaching us. She shows that she loves us as if we is one of her own kids.

I love her for that. It’s slim to none that you can find a professor that care about what you go through and show her concern. Traci Murph is a hero. She’s not the typical person you would consider a hero but she’s my hero. In the story, “The classical Tragic Hero” Aristotle wrote that someone who is a hero must be someone” who is highly renowned and prosperous”. (The Classical Tragic Hero 765)|| disagree with what Aristotle wrote. I don’t feel that someone must be famous or known by others to be a hero. Heroes are different types of people no just people known in a community.

I have stated in a previous paragraph that one of my professors is a hero. Everyone who know me may not know her, so she is a hero but not a known one. She may not affect other people lives the way she affects mines. It takes a brave, ambitious, intelligent, and kind hearted person to be a hero. Everyone is not heroic. I feel that we all is a hero in our own special way. Sometimes people consider you a hero and you may not know it. People should always try to act professional because you don’t know who is looking up to you. My opinion of a hero is someone who goes out their way to help and save someone.

After watching the video, “Americans resist Hero label attack after foiling train attack”, by Adam Nossiter, I realized that someone people go out their way to help other people. Some of these people put their life in danger for us. I think a hero is a strong individual who care about other people as if they were a family member. I thank we should show more recognition to heroes. They deserve the spotlight for being brave. I was once a told I was a hero by my grandmother. My grandmother is a diabetic and must use an oxygen tank at night.

One night my grandmother used her oxygen tank and got choked. I was asleep but I could hear my grandmother. I at first thought that I was dreaming. As the noise continued, I begin to realize it was my grandmother. I jumped up in time to snatch the facial mask off. The air in the mask was coming to fast and my grandmother had fallen asleep. She doesn’t supposed to sleep on the machine. When my grandma woke, and realized that I had removed the mask, she was happy. My grandmother begin panic because she didn’t know what she would’ve done if I wasn’t around. My grandmother told me that I was her hero.

I was happy that she considered me a hero but being a hero was not what was important to me. I just wanted my grandmother to be alive and ok. In closing, A hero can be different types of people. A hero is not a person who has to be known. They are known for their efforts. I believe that everyone has a hero. We may not discuss who our hero is daily but we all look up to someone. A heroic person is brave, strong, and ambitious. It’s not about attention to a hero. Heroes do things for others to help or to make someone else day better. After reading my paper, I hope that its makes the reader think”Who is your Hero? “

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