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Essay On Military Brats

What does it take to be a military brat? Military brats are people with parents in any military branch that have to deal with constant moving from base to base and long restless nights worrying if they will ever get to see their loved ones again. The most important thing that it takes to be a military brat is that no matter how crazy their life can get, they are proud of who they are. It is often hard to make friends, because they tend to move a lot and are not in one place for a very long time.

People have created conventions, social media networks, and registries where military brats can get together and meet other people that live a life that is similar to their own. For example, militarybrats. net is a social network where military brats can meet other military brats and talk about their similar life experiences. There is also a Military Brats registry that was created by a man named Marc Curtis. He originally created it to get in contact with his old military friends in Fort Bliss, but then he had the idea to open it up to anyone who wants to find other military people that they can relate too (Curtis).

The social site is also free so that helps tp give anyone a chance to find other military brats to connect with. No one really knows where the term “military brat” came from, but some might guess it came from the British military in the 18th century. They were the first to allow a military family to accompany a soldier while on base (Adams). The military brats motto is “Children of the world, blown to all corners of the world, we bloom anywhere! ” and dandelion is also known as their symbol (“Military Brats, Inc. ”). One of the most well-known stereotype is said to be that military brats are more mature and sophisticated for their age.

Also, since they have to move around a lot, another stereotype is that they are loners and snobby. According to the Department of Defense, the average military family moves every 2 to 2 ? years. Military brats often attend several different schools and may have a harder time keeping long term friendships (Adams). Some kids who consider themselves as military brats follow in their families’ footsteps and join ROTC in high school. While I was in high school, I heard several stereotypes and myths. For example, they are too over patriotic, weird, and that they are a bunch of “know-it-alls”.

I have a friend that was in ROTC and from my personal experience, she did not fit into any of those stereotypes. She might have been a little quieter than a lot of other students, but she had just recently moved to our school and had not had a chance to make many friends yet. People who call themselves military brats say that are nothing but adaptable, since they basically have to start all over in a new city roughly every two years. They say they have to learn to be strong and stick together while they have to endure weeks, months, and even years without seeing their parents and other family members.

They are also proposing to the government to set aside a day to acknowledge the military children and thank them for their sacrifice and dedication. The day will be called Military Brats Day (“Military Brats, Inc. ”). When I was researching different subculture topics, military brats is the subculture that stood out to me the most. I have a lot of respect for the military and their families. I do know what it is like to have family members in the military, but I never had to go through constant moving and the fear of never seeing my parents again.

I wanted to know how military brats deal with these particular issues, where this term came from, and if anyone that has any family members in the military be considered as a military brat. I am very proud of my family and what they do for this country. My cousin is in the Navy and has moved several places, like Hawaii, Mississippi, and Belgium, in the past ten years. His family is the perfect example of the military brat subculture and is a huge reason why I was so attracted in continuing this research.

I can see myself as both similar and different to this subculture. I do have many family members that were in the Army and Navy. My family is very proud of our country and would be willing to fight for it. On the other hand, I do not know what it is like to move around a lot and have to start over in a new city. After I did all this research over this particular subculture, I have learned that I should be more grateful I get to see my parents as much as I do and that everyone should have respect for the military and their families.

Especially the ones who are more than willing to move to totally new and different city or even country and have to start all over, just so we can live freely in America. An important question that I have been wanting to answer through my research is “What makes military brats a subculture and not just a group of people with similar lives? ” Military brat is considered a subculture because it is a group of people with common experiences that come together as a group and support each other. They know what it is like to feel alone, so they can rely on each other for love and help through the good and the bad times.

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