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Early Year Legislative Framework Essay

Assessment criteria 11.1.1
The early year’s foundation stage legislative framework ensures that early years’ children must learn and progress to have enough knowledge they need to start school and ensures that children are healthy and safe.
Here is the list of children from birth to five years old entitlements: –
• Sure start children’s centre is working with the parent’s right from the birth of the child by providing early years’ education, health, family support, parenting advice includes training and employment advice, full day care and short day care.
• Childminders are looking after children under the age of 12.
• The nursery is a childcare centre that offers activities and learning skills for children 2-4 years old, children entitled…

Children have to meet the school curriculum and are the same Ofsted inspections as all government schools.
• foundation schools are managed by the governing body and it’s their responsibilities to employ the staff and set the school entrance criteria. The governing body maintains the school and the buildings.
• Trust schools are receiving help and support from a charitable trust to get educational donations for the school’s benefit.
• Special school – children at special school have been assessed and has been given a statement of their special educational needs which includes what the child has of physical disabilities or with their learning difficulties
Special schools are supported by the local education authority such as community schools, voluntary – aided or controlled school, foundation special schools as some of the special schools are independent.
• Private Schools it’s an independent school. Private schools are independent on their finance as they are funded by a contribution of tuition fees that are paid by the parent’s…

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