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Essay on Abortion

Abortion Argumentative Essay Did you ever thought of having an abortion? If so you may learn that abortion is very wrong and causes a lot of side effects to a women. Abortion is removal of an embryo or fetus from the uterus during the six months. Abortion is very wrong because abortion results in death of poor innocent baby. Abortion is wrong because it’s a murder, it affects healthy risk of women and religious belief. Abortion should be illegal. Murder is very wrong, that’s why people go to jail. Abortion is murder, why then the people who have abortion don’t go to jail?

Abortion is very wrong, it kills innocent fetus which it later can become a normal human being. Abortion should be illegal because it doesn’t gives a chance for poor little baby to live, to breath and move. There are other solutions then abortion, for example adoption. At least you would see how the baby looks like and child has become. Did you ever think about what risk women goes through after abortion? Well you will find out soon. Women goes through physically ,emotionally and spiritually affects.

Some physically affects after abortion are bleeding and abdominal infection can cause peritonitis abscess formation. Some of the emotionally affects of abortion are depression, anger, guilt. Studies show 75% women after abortion have less self-confidence,53% use drugs or alcohol and 28% attempt suicide. Abortion hurts women spiritually because it’s not just a process of ending human life. Women who have abortion increase their risk of breast cancer by 50% according to study in the Journal of National Cancer Institute.

Did you know there are two types of abortions, there are surgical and medical abortion. A surgical abortion is undergoing procedure ending a pregnancy. A medical abortion involves taking a pill to end pregnancy. Some side effects of surgical abortion are abdominal pain, cramping, diarrhea, nausea and vomiting. Some of side effects of medical abortion are bleeding, headaches , dizziness ,fever and diarrhea. A medical abortion can lead to infection in the body and in some ways it may lead to death. After medical abortion it is normal to bleed for about 12 days to 30 days.

During medical abortion, the heart is stopped and doctor uses drugs to stop the life. Between 20 and 24 weeks a surgical two stage abortion or medical abortion is used. In the Bible it states that abortion is murder. God states in the six commandment that each baby is created by God. When a women interrupts a Gods creativity a human life through abortion that person will suffer and regret it from God. Destroying a human being is a sin that’s why God states that person who will have abortion will regret it and it will suffer in life.

Roman Catholic Church teaches that human life begins when women’s egg is fertilized. Abortion should be illegal because abortion have cause on future pregnancies studies shows that women who had abortion may have risk of having a baby in the future, your next baby will be twice as likely to die in the few months of his life . There are 42 million abortions per year worldwide and 1. 37 million per year in United States. There are 52% of women who have abortion in the U. S. are younger than 25 and 32% women who have abortion are aged 20-24. In U.

S 91% of all abortions occur first 12 weeks and 98% occur 15 weeks of pregnancy. Some people say abortion should be legal because some of the reasons are rape or other reasons. They are wrong because a every human being should have a life and have a normal family. I believe they are wrong because there is always adoption for the baby. The baby shouldn’t suffer just because of his mother what choice she made. Or the father that made a crime. I think abortion should be illegal because it takes away of unborn baby that didn’t do anything wrong, it’s because of his parents he or she has to suffer.

I strongly believe that abortion should be illegal because it shouldn’t be excused for any reasons. The baby should be accepted who he is, and it should gave the baby a life to live. Abortion should be illegal because it cause side effects to a women after abortion. It causes a unhealthy risk for the women ,it’s a murder and religious belief. Some people believe that life begins when a baby is born and they don’t consider a abortion a murder but I believe life begins at conception and that it is a murder.

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