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The Morality Of Abortion Essay

Abortion is the act of ending a fetus’s life before birth. Abortion happens every day in America and around the world. Many people think that abortion is immoral and is the murder of an innocent human being; however, there is a greater amount of people who think abortion is not a big deal and think women should have the choice to end their pregnancy. These differing views in America make the decision on whether abortion is morally correct or not one of the most controversial topics in the country.

Abortion has been ruled constitutional and is legal in all fifty states through the first trimester, but the states have the ay whether to allow abortion or not after the first trimester (Kaplan, Tischauser, and Chara 2). Even though nine supreme court justices ruled abortion legal, I, on the other hand, think abortion is murder and is a terrible act. Many people believe that abortion is not a criminal act; however, abortion is murder and should be deemed illegal. morals and teachings from the Bible. The Bible looks down on murder and for this reason, abortion was illegal in the first part of the 1900’s.

Abortion was ruled as an act that does not go against the Constitution in the twentieth century. This issue is iscussed in “Abortion” an article from Funk & Wagnalls New World Encyclopedia by an unknown writer, he or she states: For most of the both century, abortion was illegal in the United States. In the abortions to be performed under various in the U. S. Supreme Court held in Roe v. Wade that the right to privacy protected a woman’s right to end an unwanted pregnancy before the fetus for viability outside the womb-usually construed as weeks after conception.

The states govern the terms under which legal The United States was built on 1960’s, some states began to allow circumstances, has developed the capacity bortions may be performed after this Abortion became a controversial topic viability threshold. (1) when Roe versus Wade ruled abortion legal in the United States. Roe versus Wade has been one of the most controversial Supreme court decisions to ever be made. This court decision has caused millions of unborn children to be killed since 1973. Abortion happens every day in the United States.

Kaplan, Tischauser, and Chara explain in their article “Abortion” the amount of abortions that happen daily in America. “For 2010, the CDC estimated there were 228 abortions for every one thousand live births” (2). This ratio is outrageously large and roves that abortion should be considered a genocide. Abortion is killing fetuses that never have a chance in life, but people do not want to punish individuals who commit acts of harm on others. People who support abortion have a different opinion and believe the fetus is not alive.

Historian and philosopher Richard Carrier does not believe a fetus is considered living and explains that abortion does not harm in his article “Abortion Cannot be Regarded as Immoral. ” Carrier states, “From a point of view outside of this affair, the killing of a neurologically inactive fetus is no greater a harm than the killing f a mouse, and in fact decidedly less-a mouse is neurologically active, and though it lacks a complex cerebral cortex, it has a brain of suitable complexity to perceive pain.. ” (5-6). He believes that killing a mouse is worse than killing a fetus because a fetus is not yet living.

This theory is considered true by many, but others believe that a fetus is a living being. occurs while discussing abortion is, is abortion murder? When this question is brought up there is no definite answer because different people have a variety of answers. Although, the definition of abortion makes the act seem like murder. Kaplan escribes abortions as, “Induced abortion is the deliberate One of the controversial questions that always ending of a pregnancy before the fetus is viable or capable of surviving outside a female’s body” (1).

Many people do not see abortion as murder because of the second half of the sentence. These people say that abortion is not wrong because during the first and second trimester the fetus cannot survive on its own. Carrier states, “. the fetus does not become truly neurologically active until the fifth month. ” (4). This stage of development takes place during the second trimester. Abortions are usually onducted during the first trimester. Carrier explains that most abortions are not immoral because the fetus is not yet able to live on its own. 4)

However, I firmly believe abortion is still murder no matter the gestation length. killing a human with intent (Brown 1). The intent behind an abortion is ending an unwanted or possibly harmful pregnancy. Women abort fetuses every day because the women do not want to be pregnant or have the infant. Other women may think that they cannot afford a pregnancy and birth, but many women have medical problems and think that aborting the child is best for the mother’s well-being. If a woman aborts an innocent infant because she believes that it will harm her, she is very selfish and should have never gotten pregnant.

Women should weigh their odds before making the decision to have intercourse and possibly get pregnant. Abortion is murder. Murder is illegal. The only possible answer for abortion is that it should be illegal. Abortion is murder and is both ethically and morally wrong if the Murder is defined as standards were looked at on which America was founded. “Abortion” from Opposing Viewpoint explains there are two sides to the issue of abortion. These people on the two different ides are defined as pro-choice or pro-life. Pro-choice believe in the right for a woman to decide on whether or not to have an abortion.

On the other hand, pro-life supporters favor the idea that all abortion is wrong (2). When deciding if abortion is wrong, American citizens have to decide whether or not they are pro- life or pro-choice. Not everyone is pro-life or pro-choice; some people think abortion is right only if it is going to harm the mother. Pro-life would think that this and any other abortion is Pro-life supporters have to ask themselves; would abortion being illegal really help the situation? Would an abomination. making abortion illegal really stop abortion?

There is only one way to determine if it would work or not, but the Supreme Court will not go back on its word. People have also looked to the past to see how illegal abortion affected things years ago. Greg Kesich says that abortion being illegal would make things worse because women would be getting illegal abortions instead of not having them. Kesich supports abortion being legal after listening to a woman eighty years old. The lady remembered a time when abortion was illegal and many women died during and after illegal abortions (1).

Although Kesich makes a very good point that abortion would not end if it were made illegal, I am still in support of abortion being illegal and there being no exceptions. In conclusion, abortion should be illegal in the United States and across the world. Fetuses are, indeed, humans and have the right to live. Abortion should be considered murder and people who abort their unborn child should be punished to the highest extent. The doctors who abort fetuses should also be punished to the same extent as criminals who commit first-degree murder. Abortion should be outlawed before America is robbed of the youth of the nation.

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