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Essay about The Green Arrow Alternate Ending

A single gunshot rang out inside a store as a guy, wearing a ski mask, screamed as loud as he could. “DON’T FUCKING MOVE. ” Another shot rang out as two other men with ski masks ran towards the storefront. The cashier and customers were being gathered around as one of the guys shoved the cashier towards the nearby wall and started to open the machine. While the other guys were bringing the customers towards the storefront, the guy was successfully able to open the cash register and pulled out a plastic bag out of his pocket. With one hand on the bag, he began to grab the money from the register.

The cashier, a young women who looked to be in her early twenties and black, was in a disordered state as she couldn’t believe that her job was a target from a possible robbery. The alarm button, hidden under the register, was inaccessible because of the robber; however, she could distract the man by pointing out a safe in the office. Since her store manager wasn’t there, the safe was useless to them because of the fact that they can’t open it. After gathering all of the money from the machine, the man quickly turned towards the woman and walked towards her.

“Is there any more things valuable? the man questioned her as he was holding the bag with one hand. “U-u-uh, I think there’s a safe in the office? ” the cashier responded to the question while she stuttered for a moment. The guy turned his back away from the woman as he called out for the others. She saw and took the moment as she quietly crawled towards the counter while he was telling the remaining criminals the safe. The alarm was there as she pressed on the button quickly and the alarms went off. It rang throughout the store as the guy turned back around and saw the woman on the other side.

Panicked now, the thieves were running around the store as they tried to grabbed any remaining valuable items. Enraged at the woman, he threw the bag onto the counter top and grabbed his pistol as he aimed it at the woman. Her heart frozen and she was too paralyzed to react, when she saw the pistol. One of the other robbers saw that and rushed towards the guy. “Come on now, that shit isn’t going to do us any good! ” he scolded the guy for pointing the gun at the cashier.

However, he was shoved as the guy pointed the gun at her again with anger. I such will feel better. ” the guy boasted towards the other guy as he was ready to end someone’s life. The woman quickly closed her eyes as she tried to imagined something else before she died. [b]THUNK[/b]. The woman soon opened her eyes slowly as she saw the guy’s gun was hanging on the wall with an arrow. “But it will make me feel a little cranky. ” a mysterious figure said as he was couching on top of a store shelf. The guy looked at the figure and realized who it was as he quickly yelled, “GREEN ARROW IS HERE, GUYS! ”

As soon as the word ‘Green Arrow’ was finished, he dropped onto the grounds as they fired at the shelf; however, he quickly pulled out one of his trick arrows and fired towards one of the guys. A life-size boxing glove soon appeared as it was just about to impact the guy’s chest, sending him flying across the store and landing on some boxes. Another guy soon saw the action and ran towards the store front and saw him. “You will pay for this! ” the guy shouted as he fired his gun towards Green Arrow. But, he quickly outran them and did a back flip as he reached for another trick arrow of his and fired from his bow.

He looked away from the guy as he was about to be hit by the flashbang arrow and then it went off. He screamed as he went blind for a moment and dropped his weapon onto the ground as he tried to regain his vision. But, when he regained it, he quickly see Green Arrow as he grinned before knocking the guy out. The woman realized that it was Green Arrow as she saw the arrow on the wall. The guy quickly saw the woman and had a plan. He rushed towards the gun as he picked it back up from the ground and spoke to the woman, “Come with me. The woman tried to crawl away from the guy, but he grabbed her long hair and stopped her from escaping. “You’re coming with me, no matter what. ” the guy barked at the woman as she was going to become his hostage. Green Arrow had just defeated most of the guys here as he heard pleading for mercy from a woman. He quickly grabbed an arrow and turned to see the simulation. The guy held a gun against the woman’s face as tears came down her face. Green Arrow lowered the bow and arrow as he looked the guy and said, “Let her go before you do something stupid. ” “Fuck off, Arrow.

I am going to take her with me and we are going to get out of here, alive. ” the guy explained as he made such that Green Arrow heard the words “alive” clearly enough. Green Arrow sighed and told him the hard truth, “The police or | will find you among with her. Give up or face the punishment. ” The guy refused to believe that and then aimed the gun at him now and saying, “Just let me go and she can go free, alright? ” Green Arrow can’t believe how naive the guy was as he told him another hard truth. “That’s not going to happen as well. Just give up and I will take you to the police.

“NO. ” the guy stated loudly, “You will not take me away. ” Then, two police cars with their sirens on appeared out of the street corner as they were going towards the shop. The alarm were alarted to the police department nearby and sent a couple cars to the locations. The guy looked at the cars and his face frozen as he lowered his gun. Green Arrow knew that this was a good moment to take the threat as he quickly reached from an arrow and looked towards the woman. She didn’t know what was going on as the guy then came back to reality, only to get an arrow on his hand.

The woman, in a moment of shock and anger, pushed the guy away from her and raced towards the others as they were crowded together. The guy had dropped his gun on the ground as he received a second arrow on his chest, right in the heart. He had realized that the Green Arrow got him as he dropped to the ground with both knees on the ground and his hands were shaking around as he finally landed on the cold floor. Green Arrow walked towards the dying guy and said to him in a disappointed tone, “I told you to give up. “. Suddenly, he could only see the darkness and passed out.

Green Arrow looked at the guy as police stormed in the store and aimed their guns at him. They soon recognized the Green Arrow and lowered them as an officer walked towards him. “Are you alright, Green Arrow? ” The Green Arrow sighed as he pointed towards the guy and said, “You better take him to a hospital nearby. ” The officer was shocked to see the guy with an arrow in his chest as he told the other officers about the dying man. The Green Arrow stepped away and saw the officer as he called out his name, “Officer Quentin Lance. ” The two men faced each other as the other officers took the robbers away.

The Green Arrow then told one of the officers as he pointed to one of the robbers, “That guy might have some broken bones, you should get him check. “. The officer nodded as he was carrying him outside and Lance looked around the place and said to him, ‘What happened now? ” “I was just doing my job, Lance. ” the Green Arrow stated as he saw the paramedics with the stretcher as they placed the guy on the stretcher. Lance saw the guy and gave him a look while Green Arrow rolled his eyes. “What did he do? ” Lance asked with a serious tone and Green Arrow responded, “He tried to kill the cashier.

So, I shot two arrows and he falls to the ground. I saved her life and you should be thankful that I did. ” The officer sighed heavily and said to Green Arrow, “I know that, alright. You’re a goddamn hero in my and any other officer’s books. But, the city is worried that you killing criminals will be horrible. What if-” “What if? What if, what are you trying to say? ” the Green Arrow asked toward the officer as he began to rub the back of his neck, becoming more nervous.

“Forget it. The city council and the liberal citizens are just worried about you. he said as he tried to move away from the original question. Green Arrow shook his head as he laugh a bit and said, “I have been protecting this city for two year against criminals and scum from the underworld – hell, I even faced off against Onomatopoeia and got him out of the city – and they are suspicious of me? ” “I don’t have time from this crap. This city is still in need of my protection. ” the Green Arrow said as he walked away from the store and from Lance. He sighed once more as he saw the Green Arrow walking away and then got back to work.

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