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If I had the opportunity to write my own childrens book it would definitely be a mystery. My story would take place in an enormous ancient mansion. The estate would be located deep in the mountains, surrounded on three sides with mangy old tall trees. The finger like branches would scrap across the windows at night freighting everyone and everything that lurks inside. I would have 4 main characters. They would be the great grandmother, Ellen, Erika, and Elizabeth. The three girls are her triplet granddaughters, age 12. They are sent to stay with their grandma over the summer.

From the first night the girls notice that this is no ordinary house. They are all awakened in the middle of the night by a piercing scream. As all their doors whip open the noise stops. Right then and there the girls decide to all sleep in one room. In the morning they ask their grandmother about the noise they herd last night. She looks at them with a confused look on her face and tells them she doesnt hear much at night because she takes her hearing aid out. During the next few nights things move off their dressers and are found in other parts of the house or just never found gain.

The screams only occur about once or twice a week but things are found out of place everyday. During the next two months the girls try to figure out the mystery. In the last week of summer the girls crack the case. It turns out that a family of raccoons lives in the darkest part of the attic. The babies would cry at night while the parents searched the mansion for food. This book would be intended for upper elementary school into early middle school. I think it would be good for this age group because the book is about kids their age. It is also written at a level that they will understand.

I choose to write this book because I loved to read mysteries when I was younger. They are so entertaining that sometimes you can loose yourself in them. This would also be good for a teacher to read to her class after lunch it would grab their attention and help them settle down. They would enjoy coming in from recess to hear what happens next. This is a nonfiction book. The events that take place throughout this story could actually take place in life today. I choose to write a nonfiction book ecause I would rather read about something real than about some aliens that dont exist.

Dont get me wrong, I love fairy Tales but all they are is a dream. Reality is where my story takes place. The cover of my book will have a picture of the mansion. The background would be black to symbolize darkness. In the darkness there will be the huge gray mansion with only one electric yellow light shinning in the window. There will be the claw like trees all over the sides of the cover. At the bottom of the cover there the raccoon will be sitting on a tree stump. I like this idea because it shows all the main things in the book.

It also is mysterious because the cover is all in dark colors. It makes the reader wonder what will happen in this story. There will only be one picture in the beginning of each chapter. They will be done by hand in black and white. The pictures will only be outlines, not too much detail. Each picture will have something to do with what happens in that chapter. I dont think there should be a lot of pictures because I think it its more fun for the reader to imagine what they think everything looks like. The reader can literally do anything with this story.

The reason this book is special is because it is about triplet girls. I have first hand experience because I am a triplet. In my story I include many special bonds that these girls have that other siblings dont have. I make this a fun mystery to read. At the end of my story I have a list of activities that the reader or the people being read to can do. One of the questions is if you could make the ending different how would you change it? This is my favorite question because the reader gets to write his or her own fantasy ending.

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