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Effects of Abortion

There are many arguments surrounding the abortion debate. As you know, abortion Is the process In which the developing child Is removed from a mother’s womb. Keeping all situations and instances in mind, abortion was and still stays an act of violence against the unborn child as well as the woman about to have a baby, apart from being a moral crime in itself. Abortion is the same thing as killing a human being. People say that a child has been brought on earth; he or she should be given a full chance to live a life.

Children are a gift of god, and the parents are just the people who must take care of them. Besides that, abortion Is very dangerous act effects on women’s health. It has been discovered that there are many physical aspects that can affect the physiological well being of women who undergo an abortion, later in life. Unfortunately, there are some rather serious physical problems that may result from an abortion. There is a wide range of complications that can result from abortions, such as, future miscarriages, Infertility and octopi regencies, and even breast cancer.

There Is a staggering amount of miscarriages that result because of previous abortions. The studies on the physical complications of abortion were once thought to be scare tactics, but because of recent studies, there has been a discovery of real danger to the future reproductive systems of women. The rate of miscarriages after abortions is a startling figure at 35% higher than the normal rate. (Hogue 1996, 10) Moreover, abortion is a surgery there is a risk of damaging the nearby organs (I. E.

Ovaries), due to the nature of this part of the body there can be serious consequences to the reproductive future of women. In these types of pregnancies the baby grows In the fallopian tubes, causing serious risk to the mother, and an almost certain death to the baby. Women who have their first pregnancy terminated have five times the chance of having octopi pregnancies. (Gentles 1990, 77) Infertility is also a possible complication of a previous abortion. A woman writes, “After the abortion, I tried to make up for the abortion by trying to get regnant again.

I wanted my baby back. I never got pregnant again. ” (Michelle C. 1996, 12) There has been proven to be an Increase In complications because of abortion. Furthermore, a link has been found recently between the termination of a first pregnancy, and developing breast cancer later in life. When an abortion cuts short a pregnancy, women’s breast tissue is left in a dangerously stimulated but undifferentiated state, increasing the risk of later cancerous development. According to studies done by DRP.

Janet Dialing, there is reported fifty percent increase of breast cancer among women fewer than forty five who had Induced abortions (Randall 1996, AAA). Abortion Is always thought of as a way to “get rid of the problem”, and the evidence is showing that for many women this “procedure” brings only further problems. Due to the fact that this disc-order lurks in the subconscious of the women who had the abortions seems to wait for a moment of emotional weakness to overwhelm them with feelings of guilt and loss.

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