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The topic of women having abortions can be an Intense subject. This subject has always been a debate because the people of society cannot agree on weather “abortions” are right or wrong. In this paper I will give multiple reasons why abortions should be legal for women to have. Abortions are legal and should remain legal because women should have the right to decide what happens with their bodies; some women that become pregnant are not ready emotionally or financially to be mothers; and abortions Is the best answer for an unwanted pregnancy.

It’s a woman choice I agree abortions should be legal because not all women can afford to take care of a child or give them the necessities they need. I also believe this choice should be up to women. This is the same with any medical procedure, if a person was to have a tumor while pregnant and it was life threatening, what you will choose to do save the baby or the woman. This is where abortions come In. People need not to look at this like a disease and start treating abortions Like any other medical procedure.

According to the Washington Post NBC/WAS polls find that, on the 40 anniversary of the Supreme Court’s Roe v. Wade decision, 70 percent of Americans want the landmark abortions rights ruling to stay (Winner, 2013). Indeed, as we learned from study there are more people who agree to keep this order in place for woman. This alone says it is a safe procedure if done right by experienced physician. Keeping abortions legal is the right choice because this is something that helps women have a choice on what to do with unwanted or unsafe pregnancies.

While abortions can offer ways to help women with any kind of Issues they may go through while pregnant, another important information women need to know is be safe and observe the physicians to ensure they are well qualified physicians. Pros of an abortion There are plenty of pros when it comes to this topic. Abortions are not as negative as everyone might want to think. Abortions are done in the case of women being raped; there are very few women that really want to keep their child In cases Like this. Is abortion such a terrible thing In this situation? I do not think so.

Doing research on this topic there are pros to legal abortions, study show A woman’s right to choose abortion is a fundamental right” recognized by the U. S Supreme Court. The landmark abortion case Roe v. Wade was decided on January 22, 1973, and remains the law of the land (Procom. Org, 2013). Certainly, there are people that do not agree with abortions and never will, but one person’s opinions should not affect other decisions. Although people say abortions are wrong and It’s killing another human being, It’s also important to remember why abortions are necessary.

In cases abortions are not done for malicious intent, but in some cases they are done to save the life of women. Cons of abortions Where there are pros there are cons to any subject or topic. On the topic should abortions be legal, many say there are some cons that others do not believe. With this topic people will never be 100 percent comfortable. The only con I believe Is and not by an experience doctor, nurse, or physicians to ensure your health. For example, study says” women should use contraceptives not abortion, to avoid unwanted pregnancies.

A center for Disease Control and prevention study show that 19-25% of women who received abortions in 2006 had previously had one or more abortions. If abortions were not available, women would use preventable measures Having a negative attitude about abortions will lead to not Procom. Org, 2013). Looking at the positive sides of having a abortion. Seeing these kinds of negative impact puts a negative influence on others and confuses others about what is right for them and their body.

After reading study, I have to say I disagree, Just because woman have abortions and they are available does not mean all woman abuse the system. For example if a woman is raped she should have used protection to prevent her from getting pregnant. That does not make sense. Whose to say why women have abortions, society Just follow the number of abortions and studies which can be sledding at times. What’s the risk of abortions? I personally believe in abortions but I also know there are health risks when having abortions. Currently in the United States over the years there have been a number of abortions happening.

There is risk at everything we do, like including abortions. To avoid such risks according to study’ currently in the United States, a patch work of state regulations determines who can provide abortions with several states specifically prohibiting non-physician clinicians from performing the procedure (News RIG, 2013). Indeed, having educated nurses and other health Hispanic handling patients that has had or is contemplating an abortion is the safest thing to do to ensure all women are cared for correctly while having this procedure.

If people don’t take abortions seriously then people can have false information about this issue. This will lead to unsafe conditions do to abortions. Increasing the types of health care professionals who can provide early aspiration abortions care is one way to reduce this health care disparity (News RIG, 3013). While there are risks to having an abortions the rate of abortions has fell 29% between 990-2005 from 27. 4 to 19. 4 this is not counting the level cut from 2005-2008 (Procom. Org, 2013).

With this being said the rate of abortions are continuing to fall which is a positive thing. Abortions help saves lives According to (Planned Parenthood) legal abortions protect women’s health. For tens of thousands of women with heart disease, kidney disease, severe hypertension, sickle cell anemia and severe diabetes, and other illnesses that can be life threatening, the availability of legal abortions has helped avert serious medical complications that loud have resulted from childbirth (Planned Parenthood, 2006).

Reasons why abortion should be legal If abortions were not legal, than women would have no options for an unwanted child. Let’s talk about unwanted children. For one every child wants to be wanted, and loved by someone. If women are forced to carry unwanted pregnancies to term, the outcome would be society has unloved, unwanted children having abandonment issues. This is another problem of its own. Again this is why I personally believe abortions should be legal. What abortion does is help some women who are not dead to be mothers financially and or emotionally.

We all know that women have abortion. Also abortions are a way to keep some of our children from having to grow up financially and emotionally deprived. Everyone looks at abortions as if it’s an easy task,” don’t want the child go have an abortions”. For some it’s not that easy and the reasoning behind having an abortion is not that easy either. It’s important not to judge someone for their actions and to not really know the reason as to why some women have made this choice. Reasons As I said before women have abortions for many different reasons.

One may be because it wasn’t planned, “what some would call an accidental pregnancy’. Another reason could be in the case of rape. Majority of women would not want to be reminded of that kind of experience so abortion should be an option. Another reason is what if the baby had a birth defect that caused harm for the baby and the mother. Again abortion should be an option or even in the case of incest. I don’t think any women would want to keep a baby by someone from their own family they have known them their whole lives and that has raised them as a child.

You have to be a ere strong woman to go through these things, and there are plenty in our world. Having a child and being a parent are two different things if you look at it. Being a parent is someone who is going to guide you, nurture you, and loves you unconditionally, who provides and protects you. Now having a child any woman can do that. But for some they do not want or cannot do for their child/children. Having a child is a major responsibility financially, psychologically, and morally. Raising a child demands time, patients, effort, a sane mind and can’t forget money.

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