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Comparing Attitudes Towards Abortion

Christian and Jewish attitudes towards abortion treatments People of Roman Catholic and Catholic religions don’t often share the same views on the treatments for abortion these days. A typical Roman Catholic would look upon abortion as a foul way of risking general human life in all its essence, they believe that A child is a gift of god, and if you receive it, you’ve personally been chosen by god for this gift, So if your infertile, it’s just the path that god has chosen for you.

Surrogacy is also frowned upon in this religion because any acts of artificial insemination involve masturbation and that is extremely sinful for people of this religion in question, they also believe that AID and surrogacy can in act effect and complicate the idea of a family, because it is not a true family, as someone else is contributing to it, instead of a natural conception.

Roman Catholics do not like the idea of not using an act of sex to create life, and they believe that if you have not been given the gift of a child, you just haven’t got the option to use Surrogacy; they prefer and encourage couples to adopt, as this acts as a natural treatment for infertility, It’s similar with the attitudes towards IVF’s and any other embryo technology, because an IVF involves fertilising several eggs at a time, and many of the eggs are infact discarded, and this is seen as abortion in some eyes, All the rest of the embryo treatments which could threaten a woman’s life during surgery, by again moving and also discarding many embryos, is banned in this religion. In the Roman Catholic religion they basically believe that all life is a gift from god, and certain people are chosen to bare life on there hands and others just are not.

Catholics however disagree with these theories and believe quite the opposite to Roman Catholics when it comes to abortion. A catholic would rightly say, if a couple had the shame of being infertile any sort of infertility treatment would be perfectly fine, as they believe all couples should be blessed with the joy of children, and to be able to carry on a family. Unlike Roman Catholics who strongly think against the discarding of embryo’s, as they are a part of human life, Catholics believe in the thought that the embryo’s that are discarded are not foetuses and that there destruction is justified as they are not able to produce new life until they are discarded or used. In the year 1990 it was announced that all human embryo’s have a right to roper respect and that children and babies that are referred to as ‘test tube babies’ are still babies, Also that, embryo’s cannot be manipulated and left to die and not help any infertile couples, Catholics also believe life is a gift, but everyone deserves it, not just that those chosen do, everyone has the right to children. Catholics and Roman Catholics agree on the basic outlines that Masturbation is wrong, but where they differ is where Catholics believe that if the egg is taken from a wife’s body and the sperm is donated by the husband then the treatment is acceptable in the religion, unlike Roman Catholics who generally believe surrogacy is wrong.

In Judaism, Jew’s share a varied attitude towards different types of treatment for infertility, some treatments are acceptable but with there different glitches and others are approved or disapproved by rabbi’s. If you are a Jewish couple who are infertile it is suggested you see your local Rabbi, and consult with them, As rabbi’s are influenced to explore all types of treatment for infertile people, Some are approved but the woman themselves disagree with the treatment, for example, Egg donation is accepted from one woman to another, but some infertile Jewish woman refuse to this if the woman isn’t Jewish, but others say that the Jewish lifestyle and teachings can be maintained when bringing up the child.

Where surrogacy is concerned for infertility it is strongly frowned upon, also like Roman Catholic beliefs, Jew’s believe it damages and complicates the idea of motherhood and the sanctities of life. Another that isn’t acceptable is AID as it is looked upon as a form of adultery. With IVF the same rule applies as in Catholicism, the sperm and egg must be donated by a wife and husband, if not then it is barred. The three religions are varied on there different views of abortion and Infertility treatment, Roman Catholics tend to see all sorts of treatment are wrong and sinful and that you are chosen to have a family, where as Judaism and Catholicism are more open to religious options for treatment and surgery.

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