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Sir Isaac Newton’s Impact On The Modern World Essay

Sir Isaac Newton Sir Isaac Newton had made many inventions and discoveries, allowing science to advance in an uncountable number of ways. He was truly an amazing man. Newton was very smart even at a very young age. Throughout his college years as well as into his teaching career is when he made most of his discoveries in the mathematical and scientific fields. He will be remembered and respected for the lasting impact he had on the modern world. Newton should be looked upon as a role model for scientists, mathematicians, and even inventors. Many events in his childhood that shaped his abilities to be innovative.

He was born on December 25, 1652 at Woolsthorpe Manor, just south of Grantham in England. Newton was born into an upper middle class family. Despite being a very weak infant and people’s dismissive behavior towards him, he found ways to greatness. He was an only child and didn’t have a father until the age of three, when his mother remarried. This gave him lots of free time to read and think deeply about questions. Isaac Newton was a very bright and interesting child and young adult. When he went to school for the first time, he was one of the lowest students in his class.

It’s not that he wasn’t smart, it’s just that he found school boring. An example of his intelligence is the way he connected science to his daily life. In his spare time, he built and studied sun dials, and after sometime, he could tell the time of the day by easily looking at shadows as they appeared on the ground rather than looking at the sun dials or clocks. He would use physics to his advantage to win contests to blend in with the other students. An example given by Margaret J. Anderson, author of Great Minds of Science Isaac Newton The

Greatest Scientist of All Time, was how Newton used wind to help him jump higher in a jumping contest. According to Margaret J. Anderson, “Newton had great smarts despite growing up supposed to be a farmer. ” This quote shows how he overcame his family’s expectation of managing the family manor and went off to college and accomplished his dreams. He went to Cambridge University and eventually became a teacher. Isaac Newton’s childhood molded the man he was to become. Isaac Newton devoted his life to science and math, leaving little time for anything outside of those interests.

First, he invented calculus to help him solve a question about the Solar System since math for those types of questions didn’t exist at the time (Gale article). Calculus is known to have been invented by Newton, although there was a lot of controversy over who actually invented it, and the dispute wasn’t really ever resolved. Secondly, he also made the reflecting telescope to improve the other telescopes used at that time. This became the modern telescope. Thirdly, he discovered the laws of motion, the principles of gravity, and how the moon affects the waves, all despite never seeing the ocean in his entire life.

Lastly, Newton is also very famous for discovering that white light contains the rainbow colors and vice versa stunning artists and painters everywhere. Queen Anne recognized these major accomplishments he made during his career, by knighting him. Sir Isaac Newton came to be his new name on April 16, 1705. Queen Anne surprised her guest members as much as Newton himself. He had no children and no wife devoting his life to science. He had a close lady friend that he knew since childhood and socialized with her and her husband. Sadly, Sir Isaac Newton died on March 31, 1727 living to the age of 84 years old.

After his death, he was claimed to be the smartest man ever and one of the best scientific geniuses! He lived a life devoted to math and science different from many others and because of it we have benefited greatly. History will remember Sir Isaac Newton through his contributions to society, such as his magnificent inventions, his mind boggling discoveries, and his many breakthroughs in the scientific field. He invented the modern telescope and calculus to name a couple memorable accomplishments! These inventions help scientists make discoveries and new inventions even to this very day.

Newton he also made other unbelievable discoveries in his lifetime. He discovered how the moon is connected to the waves and how white light contains colors. Sir Isaac Newton made numerous very important breakthroughs in the scientific field. He discovered the principles of gravity and the laws of motion. Sir Isaac Newton’s achievements have advanced science and impacted the world as we know it. Sir Isaac Newton is a great role model for anybody looking for greatness due to his perseverance, bravery, and the ability to problem solve. Newton deserves lots of credit for his vast contributions to the modern world.

He was a great scientist and mathematician, starting in his young school years, during his teaching career, and throughout his adult life. He accomplished much, changing the world day after day, invention after invention. Sir Isaac Newton’s inventions and discoveries advanced science and math forward. For everything he did and accomplished, Sir Isaac Newton shall be remembered as a great scientist and mathematician who advanced our world. Without him, the world would be much different. We would not have many of the things we enjoy today.

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