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Global Problems and Non-Governmental Organizations Paper

The topic that I chose for this paper is women’s issues. Throughout history women have been struggling for equality and recognition. Today we have just about reached our goal. In order to maintain this equality, organizations were created to keep women and men involved in the issues that pertain to women today. In my essay I will discuss the actions of two large non-governmental organizations that deal with women’s issues. I will also add my opinion on certain issues and discuss how they are important in today’s society.

The first organization that I chose to research is called Face To Face. “The mission of Face To Face is to give voice to the millions of women who were denied basic human rights and freedoms. ” The goal of Face To Face is to increase global awareness that women’s rights are infact human rights. Some of the issues that Face To Face deals with are HIV/AIDS awareness, family planning, female genital mutilation (FGM), maternal health, and population. The organization gives people the opportunity to voice their problems and learn about the rights that are available to them.

They are also given suggestions on how to take care of their problem or if the case, where to take care of their problems. For example, in Africa, millions of women a year undergo female genital mutilation against their will because of custom and tradition. The African government doesn’t even take a stand on FGM, but “Face To Face lets women know that the women in Africa do have the right to personal security including freedom from domestic and war violence and sexual coercion. ” I feel that this is an extremely important aspect of the organization.

Since To Face is an international organization, they have the power to reach all different types of women with all different types of issues and are able to assist them to understand the details of their situation. Face To Face calls on celebrities to represent them so that women will recognize that even celebrities can relate to their issues. This is a good idea because many women, especially adolescents look up to some celebrities as role models. It helps the organization to become widely known and gives it the ability to inform more people on the issues currently affecting women all over the world.

Face To Face takes action by creating programs such as advertising campaigns, exhibitions, television documentaries and ballets. ” They also put out publications on certain issues. For example a book on reproductive health for women was published by the Danish Family Planning Association to educate women of their choices while dealing with reproduction. Face To Face is a wonderful organization funded by donors and it’s members. People contribute to their funding because they have proved to be successful and continues to educate people.

I would recommend Face To Face to anyone seeking information on any particular women’s issue. They are extremely informative and provide assistance for those who are in need. Another organization that I chose to write about is Planned Parenthood New York City (PPNYC). PPNYC is an organization that was created “80 years ago by a woman named Margaret Sanger. Her goal was to let women know that every woman should have the right and the means to choose when or whether to bear a child.

PPNYC’s mission is to protect women’s reproductive rights and maintain their access to safe, effective and confidential care. The organization pursues these goals through state-of-the-art clinical services, education and professional training. They focus mainly on AIDS, teenage pregnancy, and political assaults on a woman’s right to choose. Some of the services that PPNYC offers are gynecological exams, abortions, the morning after pill, HIV/AIDS testing, STD testing and sex education information.

Anybody that needs these services is welcome to use them regardless of insurance or income. Abortions are done frequently to women who lack the funds to pay for them. PPNYC makes it easy for women to be taken care of worry-free if necessary. I have a friend who was once in need of an abortion, but didn’t have the money to pay for it, so she went to PPNYC in Brooklyn, NY and they provided her with insurance so that she wouldn’t have to pay for it and it was all done confidentially and quietly.

In an article that I found called “Morning After Pill Headed Over The Counter”, the author makes reference to the fact that Planned Parenthood offers the morning after pill, but it soon will be available to women in their local pharmacies. PPNYC and other clinics similar to it have made it apparent to the government that millions of women a year seek the morning after pill, therefore they took that into consideration and now after years of controversy they are allowing the pill to be distributed over the counter. The most recent addition to Planned Parenthood is the early abortion pill.

Now, more women than ever are coming to the clinic to obtain this drug. There are many other news releases that deal with women’s issues and Planned Parenthood, but to list them all would take forever. I would like to commend PPNYC for its services and education that they provide women. They continue to strive for ways to better women and to provide for women. They are an organization that people can rely on and. In conclusion, both Face To Face and Planned Parenthood of New York City are organizations that take time out to assist women and help to have their voices heard globally. They both do great jobs.

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