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Computing professional Essay Examples

The computer industry has taken a remarkable turn over the past 10 years.  The foundation of multi-million dollar companies rest on the hands of those skilled to handle the demands of todays business networks.  Email, fax and file services, print sharing and remote file access, are among the many vital functions that business network administrators are responsible for maintaining.
Devin Blank is a Web Security Analyst for the Dallas based branch of Delloite and Tousch.  Being a company that was built to rely on computer networks, Delloite and Tousch requires and is comprised of state-of-the-art technology ranging from palm applications to multiple branch servers.  Devin handles some of the maintenance and trouble shooting for the web based applications at the company. During our interview he elaborated on the following questions.

1. What is your formal job description?
Devin is a Web Security analyst for Network Service.  He said that in this position he is responsible for the maintenance and security of the web based applications connected to the company.  He is often contracted by outside companies to consult and diagnose their networks for security purposes.

2. How long did it take you to obtain this position?
Devin attended Texas A and M University in College Station, Texas.  He graduated with a four-year degree in Business Finance with a specialization in network computing.  So looking at the big picture, it took 4 years of college plus the summers of internship in his field.  After the hiring process, Devin was placed with an on-the-job trainer for 6 months.  The only way to learn the business is to do the business Devin commented.

3. Is there a specific method you use in performing your job? If so please describe it.
When I asked this question, Devin kind of laughed and stated he always looks forward to answering this question.  He explained his job methods to me as follows, Have you even seen the movie sneakers? he asked. Devin went on to explain that in the movie, Robert Redford is a paid Hacker if you will.  He is hired to attempt to gain access to others networks or businesses.  If and when he does, Devin will consult with others in his service group on the best type of fix for the loop-hole  they found.

4. What degree or certificates should one hold to attain this position?  What about industry or on the job training?
Like mentioned in a previously discussed question,  Devin has obtained a degree in business-finance and received 4 summers worth of internship training during his college years.  The training program at the company is focused on specialized job functions depending on the type or job.  After working at the company, Devin was required to secure and maintain a MCNE certification but did receive the class time and necessary training to sit for the test during business hours. (Paid).

5. What advise would you give to someone just starting out in this field?Devin said that he would encourage anyone interested in the business-computing field to start as early as they can.  The industry is becoming younger and younger.  Companies are snatching graduates straight out of college and training then to work the way they wish.

6. What is a baseline / ballpark starting salary for your field?
Devin stated that if a new hire was brought on as a trainee they would more than likely be offered anywhere from forty-four thousand to sixty-five thousand depending on the experience they have prior to start.

7. How competitive is the industry you work in?
Extremely Competitive Devin said. I have seen companies offer and counter-offer for employees they really want just like buying a house

8 Do you look forward to going to work?
Devin stated that he has the best job in the world.  He is allowed selected travel time to various destinations and multiple incentives. He stressed that he looks forward to going to work.

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