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Comparing The Journey Of Ahiga And The Igawas Tribe Essay

The Journey Of Ahiga Once there was a tribe called the Igawa’s, the Igawa’s were struck by a famine that killed all the animals and crops that were in the surrounding area. The tribe knew that they were going to have to leave there sacred grounds to find a place that has what they once did, but there is an upside. The tribe has made the decision to send out one of there young strong men, this man goes by the name of Ahiga. Ahiga was the strongest of all the tribe, Ahiga was also the son of the chief.

His father Hakan the chief of the Igawa’s knew that his son would accomplish the task at hand, Hakan had informed his son that e should leave the next morning at dawn and that he would only have four days to try to find the tribes new place that they would call home. Ahiga agreed to what his father had told him and went back to rest for the eventful morning that was awaiting him. As Ahiga slept he dreamt of not accomplishing what his father had asked of him, he also thought of what the tribe would think of him if he came back with no success then he thought about what would happen to the entire tribe if his journey came up empty handed.

When he woke up the next morning he did not have as much optimism as he had the night efore, when Ahiga had left his bed his father and many important tribe members were awaiting him. Ahiga, his father, and the few tribe members had a quick ceremony where they prayed to the gods that they would keep Ahiga safe through his endeavors and that he would come back to his tribe as quickly and as safely as he possibly could, as the ceremony concluded his father had given his son a hug knowing that this could possibly be the last time that he will see his son ever again.

As the sun began to rise just over the horizon Ahiga said his last goodbye’s to his father, and the rest of his tribe, then Ahiga new that is was time for him to set off on his journey and that is exactly what he did. The terrain around Ahigas tribe was very mountainous, the place that Ahigas tribe called home was in a valley deep inside of a very large mountain range, as he began to go north on the first day of his travel he only encountered one animal, about midday is when Ahiga encountered this animal, this animal was a snake.

This snake was a moderate size and was black with red lines going down its body, Ahiga began to speak to this creature asking if he had seen a place that had a considerable amount of plant and animal life, the snake began o speak about how he just came from a area that Ahiga was talking about, and how it was just west of where they were now.

Ahiga began to recall what his father had said about snakes, he remembered that Hakan had told him to be weary of snakes, most snakes are wanting to deceive you and point you in the wrong direction. Ahiga thanked the snake for his cooperation and headed on his way, Ahiga wasn’t sure wether to trust what the snake had told him because the snake seemed so sincere when he spoke about the place he said he had seen. Ahiga trusted what his father had told him and kept heading north.

As e kept walking north he began to notice the the first day of his endeavor was beginning to come to an end, he urgently tried to find a safe place to rest for the night, Ahiga spotted a small patch of shrubs that looked like it would be a safe spot for him to stay overnight, Ahiga began to lay down inside of the shrubs and think about what his father and tribe are thinking about, are they wondering where he is?

Are they wondering if I he is ok? All he knew was that he was going to find a new area for his tribe to live and prosper in the future. The next day Ahiga awoke a little past dawn, he arose knowing that he only had three days eft to find a new area for his tribe to relocate and then go back to where they are now and guide them to this new area.

Ahiga looked around to see that the sky was very dark and that it would rain very hard, today he knew that he needs to try to find the new area now and begin to head back to his tribe or seek for better shelter due to the bad weather conditions that are awaiting him, Ahiga urgently began heading north to seek for better shelter and trying to still find a new spot for his tribe, As he kept going north he began to head into a highly dense forest , to his surprise there was no animals except for one, tanding in a grand cedar tree was a falcon, Ahiga began to ask the falcon the same question that he had asked the snake earlier, the falcon responded quite quickly talking about a valley full of life a bit east of this forest and if you walk there you could be there before sunset. He trusted the falcon because he had heard from others that falcons are very wise and trustworthy.

He trusted the falcon and began to head east, a little after midday the storm was upon Ahiga but he kept going through the pouring rain, Ahiga thought that there must be many thunderbirds near him because of all the thunder and lighting hat was in the surrounding area. But all he could think about is the livelihood of his entire tribe and how he has to find this valley the falcon was talking about. As dusk began set Ahiga spotted the valley, when Ahiga saw the valley he was awestruck by the beauty. The thing that caught Ahigas eye the most was a small creek that split the valley into two, Ahiga urgently began his trek back to his tribe to tell them what he had discovered, but he knew that he would have to wait until tomorrow because darkness has already set where he is at.

As he slept he dreamt of how his tribe would grow and prosper in there new nvironment, but he also knew that he would have a very treacherous day ahead of him. He awoke just before the sun rose and set off on his journey back home, he knew that if he hurried that he could possibly get there just after dusk. About mid day Ahiga knew that if he stayed on pace that he would make it back to his tribe ahead of time just before dusk, as he was walking through the mountain range he spotted something flying high in the sky, it was the falcon. The falcon saw Ahiga and flew down and landed on the ground near him, they had a quick talk consisting of Ahiga thanking him for being truthful.

And then he two departed ways, just before dusk Ahiga arrived back to his tribe. The tribe rejoiced when they saw him return back to them. They were all ecstatic when they heard what Ahiga had seen, the most ecstatic was Hakan. Hakan knew that his tribe and their future was saved thanks to his son. The whole tribe had a meeting where they talked about how they would pack up and leave the next day. It took the tribe four days to get to the new grounds but they all knew that it was worth it. As years went by the tribe began to grow much larger thanks to all of the crops and animals in the nearby area, the whole tribe has one person to thank, Ahiga.

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