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Comparative Essay Greece Persia AP World History

During the fifth and sixth centuries, there were two great and powerful collocations; classical Greece and the Persian Empire. Greece and the Persian Empire, although ha flung some differences regarding politics, share some saltcellars wealth their perspectives on so Call rights during their rule In the fifth and sixth century. The politics within Greece and the Persian Empire may have had minor saltcellars, b for the most part they were different from each other.

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In Greece, a system known as s treaties was used to govern city states, and satraps would control the province within a satrapy. Unlike the Greeks, the entire Persian Empire was ruled by a single king. In classical Greece, the opinion of the people was a factor when establishing a form t rule. Democracy was established in classical Greece as a way to vote and elect their r Euler, particularly Athens, which was a very democratic city. While this was the state of kind of the

Greeks, the Persians had another plan in mind for how to rule. In the Persian Empire, the rulers all came from the same family line, such as Cyrus the Great and his son Cambiums. The Persian Empire and Greece may seem to have had their differences, but they also shared similarities. For example, both the Greeks and the Persians believed that womb en should not have the same rights as men did. Also, the Greeks and the Persians also decided t o rule their land by establishing associates.

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