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Child Development Observation Paper Examples

I had to first contact the parents of the student Mr. and Mrs. Pretty (not their real names) in order to begin the process for my observation. I spoke with Mrs. Pretty since her husband was unavailable at the moment, and I am acquainted with her well.

After getting permission from both parents I arranged a time to come over and observe their son.

When observing a child it is important to take into account the family dynamic and how it affects the child’s behavior. In this case, Mrs. Pretty is a stay at home mom and her husband works long hours. Mrs. Pretty told me that her son is very active and has a lot of energy. She also said that he can be mischievous at times and likes to test boundaries.

With this information in mind, I began my observation. I observed the child over the course of two days for a total of four hours. I made sure to take detailed notes during my observations.

Some of the things I noted were the child’s behavior when he was playing with his toys, how he interacted with his mother, and how he responded to being told “no”. I also paid attention to the environment in which the child was raised. This included things like whether or not the home was clean, if there were any pets, and if there were any other children present.

Based on my observations, I believe that the child is well-adjusted and happy. He seemed to be very content playing by himself and did not seem to need constant stimulation from others. He was also very affectionate with his mother and responded well when she redirected his behavior. Overall, I believe that the child is thriving in his environment.

It is important to remember that every family is different and each child will respond differently to their individual circumstances. This is just one example of how a child might behave in a particular family dynamic.

If you are interested in observing a child yourself, it is important to get permission from the parents first and to explain your reasons for wanting to do so. It is also important to be respectful of the family’s privacy and to not overstay your welcome. Most importantly, have fun! Child observation can be a very rewarding experience.

I informed her about the assignment and went over the outline of it with her to make sure she knew exactly what would be expected of her, as well as that I may require further information from her or her spouse. She stated that she’d tell her husband first, and then we could go ahead.

I was also given permission to take pictures during the observation. The day of the observation, I arrived at their home and was greeted by both parents. The mother offered me something to drink and we proceeded to the living room where the father was watching television. The mother informed her husband about the purpose of my visit and he nodded in understanding.

I set up my laptop on the coffee table and opened up my file labeled “child observation”. I explained to them that I would be taking notes throughout the observation and may occasionally ask questions. Both parents agreed and said that they would answer any questions to the best of their abilities.

I observed the family for a total of two hours. During that time, I took notes on the child’s behavior, the parent’s interaction with the child, and the overall family dynamic. I also took several pictures.

At the end of the observation, I thanked both parents for their time and cooperation. I packed up my laptop and left their home.

Now that the observation is complete, I will analyze the data I collected and write up a report of my findings. This report will be due two weeks from today. Thank you for your time and assistance with this assignment.

She was delighted to allow me to observe her daughter as well as provide the information I required. I also agreed to reveal the findings of my study with her and not use her real name or family name.

The family I observed consisted of a mother, father, and their 3-year-old daughter. The child’s name will be withheld to protect her privacy. The family was very welcoming and hospitable towards me. The mother was especially willing to allow me to observe her daughter as well as provide the information that I may need. I also agreed to disclose the findings of the observation with her as well as not to use her daughter’s real name nor their family name in this paper.

The home environment was clean and organized. There were plenty of toys available for the child to play with both indoors and outdoors. The yard was fenced in and there was a swing set present. It seemed like a safe and fun place for a child to play.

During the course of my observation, the family dog was also present. The dog was friendly and seemed well-behaved. The child seemed comfortable around the dog and would pet it occasionally.

The parents were both employed full-time so I only observed the child during evenings and weekends. During my observations, I took note of the child’s physical development, cognitive development, social-emotional development, and overall behavior.

The child appeared to be healthy and physically developing normally. She was able to run and jump and had no difficulty with motor skills. She was also potty trained and could communicate her needs verbally.

Cognitively, the child seemed to be developing normally. She was able to follow simple commands and could answer basic questions. She also showed an interest in books and would often bring them to her parents to read to her.

Socially, the child appeared to be well-adjusted. she interacted well with her parents and other adults. She was also polite and used please and thank you when appropriate. With other children, she generally got along but there were a few times when she cried or threw a tantrum when she didn’t get her way.

Overall, the child appeared to be happy and well-behaved. she listened to her parents, followed their rules, and played nicely with other children. She was curious and asked a lot of questions. She was also affectionate with her parents and showed them a lot of love.

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