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Child Abuse In Foster Care Essay

will eliminating abused because of the lack of reporting that goes on. (MacMillan el al. , 2009). Another way to prevent maltreatment in the foster care system was to implicate a nurse home visitation (MacMillan el al. , 2009). This process was a way of getting a nurse to examine and check a child upon their visit. This Programme was paced help and report physical abuse and neglecting among children in the foster care system (MacMillan el al. , 2009). However, this process was not very affective to reduce abuse and neglect and there were no further evidence of abuse reduction. Home-visiting program was no more effective in preventing the recurrence of physical abuse or neglect than standard follow-up services by child protection workers and that much greater efforts are needed to prevent abuse or neglect in the first place” (Courtney el al. , 2013).

There has also been a significant amount of exposure to psychologic abuse within children of the foster care system children. They are exposed to psychological abused more than any other abuse (Courtney el al. , 2013). Programmes were implied to bring awareness of different types of abuse in the system. Courtney el al. , 2013) Parents were attending child-management to help and reduce anger and abusive behaviors followed by therapeutic therapies (MacMillan el al. , 2009). The system of child services also need to improve their systemic approaches to develop a more and safe environment. There were meeting of awareness with the individuals who represent the foster system social services, the justice system, health care services, and education services in order to create resources and reduce the amount of home to home placements in the system (Macdonald, 2009).

This process will help track and record to get a better understand of the child, where their being placed and track any type of abuse or maltreatment (Macdonald, 2009). Provided assistance and care is essential to a child’s life. ” It is time for our governments, institutions and health care providers to commit to building these children and youth instead of trying to fix them as adults” (Macdonald, 2009). For there to be change their needs to be significant improvement in the welfare system starting with educated and spreading awareness to individuals about the system, and potential caretakers (Macdonald, 2009).

It is also very important to educate children on what abuse is and it is important to reporting In order to get help (Macdonald, 2009). It’s also important for the system to create change with worker in the justice system (Macdonald, 2009). In order to create change their needs to be an effort or working together for the better of a child in the foster care system. Although there are many problem of abuse and neglect in the foster care system, these solutions are ways to help and improve and reduce abuse Children also being to suffer significantly in school, but there has been action to create change.

According to Rutman and Hubberstey (2016) change begins in the community. Schools have a significate impact on children who are growing through a difficult time in the foster care system. ( Ruthman & Hubbersty 2016). “Educational attainment is associated with almost all markers of health, well-being and social inclusion” (Ruthman & Hubbersty 2016). Research has shown that alternative schools and programs help children in foster care feel more connect to school. It gives them a sense of belong they never had at home (Ruthman & Hubbersty 2016).

The alternations started by taking regular attendance that become mandatory in school Ruthman & Hubbersty 2016). This made children become motivated to attend school on a regular basis with the support of teachers who encouraged and provide a safe and positive environment Ruthman & Hubbersty 2016). Having interviews with each individual helped assist and encourage children to compete their high school diploma (Ruthman & Hubbersty 2016). Another way children are able to succeed academically when being a part of the foster care is having one sable school and not oving around (Ruthman & Hubbersty 2016).

As well as providing tutoring and help services for individual, making appointment when absent in school, and providing proper classroom materials and curriculum (Ruthman & Hubbersty 2016). This creates change for a child to exceed in school and in the future since abuse and negation has created numerous disadvantages in a child’s life (Ruthman & Hubbersty 2016). It’s not only important to create change in the system by providing a safe environment creating meaningful opportunity for success and a good quality of life.

The social structure theory can also be applied to abuse in the foster care system as a social problem because primarily there isn’t much awareness and knowledge about the abuse and neglecting. Society doesn’t know or believe in the problems that are being placed. Foster homes are supposed to be a place where children are being helped and protected by abuse. The abuse happening in their lives is described as structure theory when society makes the mistake of refuse to believe that abuse exists among foster children.

They all have a holistic viewpoint, insisting that we must look not to individuals or particular group but to the structure of the entire society” (social problem reading, 2012). What social structure is trying to say is people may have their own beliefs and values about the issue but it’s impossible to create change and awareness when there is no belief or knowledge. Children aren’t the problem or the things they have gone through. The problem lies in how society can improve and reduce cases of abuse.

Moreover, the system has a great impact on how society views this issue. If there isn’t reports of awareness the system is creating a hidden issue “There is no question that the profit system is the central villain in all these instances of workplace immorality” (social problem reading, 2012). Although the context of the text applies to workplace this can relatability apply to foster care because, the system has control of the process of where children are being placed and whom takes them into care.

Social change theory applies to abuse in foster homes as a social problem. It refers, “to alternations in the patters of interactions or in such aspects of culture as norms, values, and technology” (social problem reading 2016). One example would be people’s values and norms can be complete different than that of a child creating difficulties in adapting into a new groups of people like caretakers ,school, and new people in society. “Some sociologist identify social change as a primary cause of social problem (social problem reading 2016).

Another example is children being placed in the home to home process are exposed to different people and different environments thus having their patterns interacted with. Children are not able to receive a stable home or have good caretaker. Social change theory can also be applied in a positive way when society becomes aware of abuse. There perspectives and values become changed. “People who are stressed by existing conditions may find change a relief rather than a burden (social problem reading 2016). Social change can be good for abuse in the foster homes if applied correctly to society.

However, in order to create positive social change their need to be more resources and workers to create a better placed for children in the foster care system. In conclusion, there has been a significant issue of abuse in foster care. Children develop a hard time when being placed from one home to another. This process leads to many problems in an individual’s life such as, behavioral, emotional, cognitive, and psychological health issues (Marquis et al. , 2008). Children also become exposed to high risk of academic failure leaving to further problems in succeeding after high school.

Abuse in foster care become a social problem when there becomes rapid changes to and individuals life like, being placed from one home to another, changing schools, being exposed to violence, and creating new environments. Abuse also becomes a social problem when there isn’t much awareness in society about the issue. This Creates conflict because society is unable to help and create change for the children. The system has a huge impact on this social issue because there are lack of reports and evidence. If society knew about the abuse there would be further resources to help, but in order for the children to be helped we must create awareness

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