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The Short History of Sex Addiction

The article Inventing Sex: The Short History of Sex Addiction looks at sexual addiction from the perspectives of today to the perspectives of the past. Many things have changed such as the growing acceptance of “sexual addiction” and the now ever growing ways of coping and handling sexual addiction.

This article Illustrates the evelopmental process of sexual addiction and what It entails in the history of social science. The history of sex addiction began as a 1980’s product of late twentieth- century cultural anxieties. In that time period the term for sex addiction was known as being a pervert, and has, as of 2010, been replaced with the term “hypersexual disorder”. Society had not fully acknowledged the issues of sexual addiction throughout the twentieth-century until the 1980S where technology stepped In.

T. V. , radios, and later, the internet shed light on the situation. With the aid of T. V. individuals gained knowledge about sexual addiction and that even celebrities dealt with such ailments. One such celebrity is Tiger Woods, who had spent $40,000 on a six week program to help him with recovery of sexual addiction. There are some major health concerns with hypersexual disorder. Some of these concerns are that some persons are going to such lengths to fulfil their needs as to pursuing the company of prostitutes.

This situation puts the addict at risk of receiving HIV, AIDS, nd/or other STDs. Sex addicts do not only deal with sexually transmitted diseases, they also deal with other factors; one such factor is referenced in the article from Desire: Where Sex Meets Addiction. This article states that “38 % of sex addicts struggle with an eating disorder. ” Not only do sexaddicts run into obvious health risks, they sometimes can have problems keeping up with their own sex drive.

Sex addicts have been found to compel their partner to have sex with them and/or masturbate multiple times a day. If this is not fulfilling they may resort to viewing pornography, cybersex, or an affair. The article states that this sexual drive can make the significant other feel more Ilke an object rather than a lover. Sometimes if said sex addict Is married this disease can possibly lead to divorce. When It comes to trying to help sex addicts, the article states the number of psychiatrists specializing 1 OF2 addicts to conquer their addiction.

The article also states that there is not a cure for the addiction, but that the addict can only go into remission. The problem with the meeting place for help is that there are other sex addicts to tempt the sex addicts to fulfill their needs. Some research techniques described in this article are individual life experience from people who are sex addicts, and questionnaires that may ask how often they engage in sexual behavior. Television, radio and internet provide forums that can be easily accessed and utilized for help sexual addiction.

The strength and weakness of this article coincide with one another; the strength being hat researchers are able to ask real live people who are dealing with this disease daily. The weakness being that people are also capable of lying, so how accurate can these results be? Addiction is never easy and no matter what the addiction is it should be identified, and dealt with appropriately. Even something such as sexual addiction, which can be misconstrued as an excuse for perverseness, needs the utmost attention. As we grow and learn so do the techniques that help us learn to be better people and to show self-restraint.

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