Black History Month

Black History Month Celebration Thesis Statement: In order to proudly celebrate the creator of Black History Month and others who fought for many generations to have the right to even acknowledged on national and international scale , blacks should research more on innovative people of African descent, promote entrepreneurship amongst blacks, and incorporate traditional African ( Freedom school) in public and private educational institutions. Outline Subject: Black History Month Topic: My Black History Month Celebration System institutions.

Point 1: Immense ships carrying millions of African people From the loathsomeness of stenches and cries my ancestors Caught in the rapture of wretchedness From large plantations filled with cotton and tobacco Harsh working conditions in scorching sun and frigid coldness From Emancipation Proclamation to Sharecropping Segregation: “Colored Only’ to Free At Last From Harlem Renaissance to Modern Day African -American Holocaust And Equal opportunity to education These are the reasons to indulge in the festivities of Black History!

As an African-American young woman who attends a historically black university, it is extremely imperative to show my gratitude and respect for Black History Month. This morning in my English 1102 course, I learned Carter G. Wooden was the creator of Black History Month. Black History Month was previously called Negro History Week; February was selected, due to the efforts of Frederick Douglass fighting for black enslaved -at the time – so they may have freedom from captivity as well as the initiative of Abraham Lincoln in signing the Emancipation Proclamation in January 1, 1863.

In order to proudly celebrate those who fought for many generations to have he right to even be acknowledged on a national and international scale, blacks should research more on innovative people of African descent, promote entrepreneurship amongst blacks , and incorporate traditional African (“Freedom school”) teachings in public and private educational institutions. First and foremost, African Americans should research other innovative African American leaders and professionals who made an impact on the world.

Every black person a acknowledge the clicheГ© leaders such as Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, Rosa Parks, Frederick Douglass, Thorough Marshall, and Booker T. Washington. What about Hue P. Newton who was the prime leader of the Black Panther which promoted Black Power! Marcus Graver advocated in black empowerment and concept of “Blacks going back to the motherland”. Benjamin S. Carson was first African American neurosurgeon to successfully separate Siamese twins. Dry. Charles R. Drew was the first African American doctor to develop the blood bank.

Garret Morgan was the first African American man to create traffic lights. Madame C. ] Walker was an African American Oman who created the straightening comb along with her own hair product line. John Henries Clarke was an educator who was the creator of Pan-African studies at educational institutions. George Washington Carver was famously known for the elevating the use of peanuts for windows, soap, and other things. The list goes on. In addition, entrepreneurship should be promoted more amongst blacks.

During segregation times, blacks were owners of many lucrative businesses such as storefronts, car lots (repair and tire shops), restaurants, music stores (to purchase genuineness in Oklahoma better known as “The Black Wall Street”. In today’s society, the black community has fallen off the “bandwagon” of economics. We must network, unite, and work together to re-build our empire. We can achieve this by implementing entrepreneurship and business classes for teens and adults in the heart our own communities. Furthermore, traditional African (“Freedom school”) teachings should be implemented in public and private educational institutions.

Students especially African-American must be taught African history and the iciness of its culture. Many of us lost sense of self-identity and knowledge of where we truly come from. Students should learn about the Iron Age in Africa, Powerful civilizations in Africa such as Nubian and Egypt. Students should be exposed to documentaries like Hidden Colors which uncover many secrets of African influence on mathematics, politics, science, medicine, and etc. They should be exposed to African-American authors like August Wilson, James Baldwin, Alice Walker, Richard Wright, and Toni Morrison. In Conclusion, Carter G.

Wooden along with a lineage of throng black people suffered and worked laboriously for our generation to freely celebrate Black History Month. The black community must express our utmost homage by acknowledging the well -know pioneers as well as others who left a noble imprint on Black America. We must regain our strength to become more united as black people and work together to reclaim ownership of productive businesses. Educators, parents, mentors, etc. Must promote traditional African teachings in schools. Help the youth find their true genealogy become more proud of whom they are Kings and Queens!

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