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Best Western History

Best Western international is the largest hotel company operating under a single company brand name with 4,200 independently owned and operated hotels. Western employed over 1,076 people and offers more than 316,095 quality guest rooms located in 80 countries and territories throughout the world. The Western founded in 1946 by M. K. Guertin, a California-based hotelier with 23 years of experience in the lodging industry. By 1963, Best Western was the largest chain in the industry with 699 member hotels and 35,201 rooms.

In 1964, when Canadian hotel owners joined the system, Best Western took the first step toward global expansion. Nature of the Business is a membership organization incorporated as a non-profit organization. The Company is an association of member hotels established solely to provide revenue generating opportunities and the advantage of purchasing power to benefit its members. One of the reasons for success for the Best Western is their unique business model. Unlike other franchise companies, their property owners own the brand.

They all focused on driving value to the brand and ensuring the long-term success of Best Western. Another part of the formula to their success is their spirit of caring which was parts their organizational culture. One of Best Western’s saying is “Treat your guests like family”. Best Western’s vision is to have their company have the ultimate customer satisfaction. Once costumers are service by this company majority of the time it forms into a long-term relationship. With this, they are inspiring their staff to create emotional connections with their guests.

The Best Western Marina Wadi El Dome Resort Hotel is located in an exclusive spot in the Suez Gulf. Best Western has a strong focus on marketing the brand. The company continues to innovate and enhance both the business and leisure travel experience. Some of the company’s key marketing partners are NASCAR and driver Michael Waltrip, American Automobile Association/Canadian Automobile Association and MasterCard. The Western is all about expanding the company by any means necessary. Best Western has high-speed internet access throughout the hotel and at the same time created a Best Western Travel Card.

The card is a gift card that used to pay accommodations and related incidentals at Best Western hotel worldwide. Best Western even decided to team up with NASCAR to become the sport’s first ever-official hotel. The Best Western will gain from NASCAR marketing and promotional initiatives and NASCAR will gain special room rates and loyalty program. The Western is the first mid-scale hotel company in the world to offer a prepaid Travel Card. Used by guests to pay for both accommodations and related incidentals, such as room service and phone charges; the Card accepted is at 4,200 Best Western hotels worldwide.

It is available for purchase in U. S. dollars, Canadian dollars, and Euros, as well as a variety of other currencies, and is offered in any denomination between $25 and $1,000 Best Western is goal to become stronger in the market place, so they decided to develop, promote, and execute worldwide travel agency sales & marketing activities through the traditional agency. The company will be more involved with annual travel agency chain, consortia programs, promotions, and marketing strategies. Best Western International is the world’s largest hotel chain.

There are over 1,000 of the Best Western properties and each receives a three-diamond rating. Nearly 90 percent of their hotels in Europe are rated three or four-stars. Over 90 percent of Best Western’s hotels are in the U. S and Canada; 4,200 properties are in 80 countries worldwide. There are 1,312 in Europe, 75 in Asia and the Middle East, 265 Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific, 43 South and Central America, 6 Africa, and 2,395 in North America. In 2006, Best Western celebrated its 60th anniversary, in that year their financial and operational standpoint.

They had a very successful year with achieving a new high of more than $1 billion in revenue. The Company is an association of member hotels established solely to provide revenue-generating opportunities. The Company’s services and products sold throughout the world, primarily in the United States and Canada. Bookings through bestwestern. com grew dramatically, averaging over $1 million per day in bookings. David Kong has been with the Best Western for over 30yrs and now he is the CEO of Best Western International for the past 4 years.

He brought many changes to the company from doubling reservations system revenue growth, having highest member satisfaction levels, and Helped Best Western is the first brand to offer free high speed Internet and launch virtual tours for each of its North American hotels on the brand website. The impact of tourism on the society is significant. Direct economic benefits of tourism include generation of employment, increase of foreign exchange earnings, income generation and contribution to government revenues.

Tourism also provides indirect impacts on the economic sectors, such as agriculture, fisheries, handicraft manufacturing and construction, which supply the goods and services for tourism part. Though Egypt is considered as one of the major international tourism destination the Middle East, the tourism services in Egypt is not vaulted highly except that of accommodation facilities, banks and passport The Minister of Tourism has issued a ministerial decree adopting new regulations for the classification of hotels in Egypt.

The new classification system has introduced, for the first time in the Middle East and Africa, a system of assessment in two phases. The first deals with the infrastructure, equipment, appliances and tools available within the hotel. The second specifically addresses the quality of service, which carried out through an evaluation system using ‘Mystery Shoppers’, an internationally recognized practice where reviewers make undeclared visits to hotels. International companies under the supervision of the Egyptian Hotel Association and the Ministry of Tourism will administer this system.

The benefits of this new system will not only aid tourists in their selection of accommodations, but the hotel industry in Egypt as well. It will eliminate the phenomenon of lowering prices as the only means of competition. Tourism in Egypt holds $7. 6 billion dollars, help create 12 percent of Egyptian jobs and have over 91 million tourists a year. Because tourism brings a lot of revenue and tourist to Egypt, they decided to improve hospitality skills by teaming up with Cornell University to improve Human Resource development in the tourism industry.

Cornell will offer five courses that provide opportunities for Egyptian hotel professionals to learn innovative management theory. There forty general managers for 5, 4, and 3 star rating hotels that focus on hospitality, administration and high performance of financial management. Egypt history dates back 7,000 years ago being one of the first places on earth to develop civilization and civilization government. During the year, Egypt achieved extraordinary levels of wealth, architecture, and culture. In 1952, Egypt had a revolution and became a Republic.

Under the current government, the judiciary had increased its independence by following the Islamic Law. The law helped deal with many aspects of day-to-day life, including politics, economics, banking, business, contracts, family, sexuality, hygiene, and social issues. Fridays are Muslim holy day on this they do not work. The workweek runs from Saturday through Wednesday. For a businessperson appointments are rarely private unlike traditional appointment and usually interrupted by phone calls and visits from their client’s friends and family. Egyptians Business workers who deal with foreigners speak English, French, or both.

Punctually is a virtue in Egypt. When greeting Egyptian employer it is safest to wait for your Egyptian counterpart to initiate the greeting. Because Egyptians constantly gesture with their hands while speaking, they do not point at another person. Other Egyptians feel pointing is impolite. Egypt engages in a number of measures to promote sustainable agriculture and better use of their land. This includes establishing tanks for protecting and developing water resources, monitoring soil contaminants and promoting soil development, engaging in crop rotation, and building public awareness of the importance of natural resource development.

An inclusive programmed was designed in cooperation with the European Community to preserve its natural resources, increase its efficiency and enhance its capabilities. This development plan aims at establishing a balance between protecting natural resources and source of national income. Tourist travel all over the world to admire Egypt’s environment. Ancient Egypt was a narrow strip of land along the Nile River. Each year the river flooded its banks, leaving behind a fertile fringe of soil they called “the Black Land,” while the desert all around the Nile valley was called “the Red Land. It was here the Ancient Egyptians built their homes; because of the fertile land that the flood left behind. In the past Egypt treasured children and regarded them as a great blessing. In the lower class families, the mother raised the children in return; the children were expected to look after their elderly parents. Upon their parent’s death, the sons inherited the land, while daughters inherited the household goods such as furniture and jewelry. If a couple was unable to have children, they would pray to the gods and goddesses bless them with one. Magic used as an attempt to have children.

Young boys learned a trade or craft from their fathers and at the age 7; they attended school to study religion, reading, writing, and arithmetic. There is no evidence that females went had schooling. Some of the females were home schooled so they can read and write and some even became doctors. Females also worked and received training at home with their mothers to take care of the household duties. Peasant girls usually married around the age 12. The boys usually were a few years older than the girls were when they got married, with most arranged marriages. Egyptian clothing styles did not change much throughout ancient times.

Clothes were usually made of linens ranging from coarse to fine texture. Men, women, and children of all ages and classes wore makeup and style of hair where similar to today’s look. Both sexes also wore pierced earrings, armlets, bracelets, and anklets (everyone in Egypt wore some type of jewelry). Rings and amulets had especially worn to ward off the evil spirits and injury. With the limited amount of wood, Egyptian homes were made from bricks of sun-dried mud. The windows and doors on the house covered with mats to keep out the flies, dust, and heat. Most of the commoners used dishes that were made of clay.

Most of their food were cooked their food, it was baked, boiled, stewed, fried, grilled, or roasted. However, it is not usual that kids will hold outside jobs in the marketplace. School starts middle to late September and ends in June. The majority of these students were highly independent, and limited themselves form the amount of help that they received from parents in preparation for exams. Rather, they prefer to take complete responsibility for their schoolwork. There are many opportunities for extra-curricular involvement, such as sports; the most popular school sport is soccer.

Now the life of children in Egypt is very similar to children in the United States. They are required to go to school, they must observe family rules, they enjoy popular foods, and they recognize fashion trends. Children and teens in Egypt do not usually have part-time jobs like American kids. Instead, they “help” their family. This might take the form of watching younger siblings while the parents go out. If a parent owns his/her business, small tasks sometimes assigned to the son or daughter. Some various forms of reward are forthcoming.

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