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Argumentative Againts Gun Control

Hundreds of law-abiding citizens were able to take up arms against lawless mobs to defend themselves, their family, their homes, and their businesses. They did the job police simply could not do. Lives were saved. Robberies were prevented. Homes and businesses were defended and left intact all thanks to our constitutional in the Second Amendment, the right to keep and bear arms. The creators of the Constitution realized the importance of guns in American Society. Therefore, the argument against gun control started as long ago as 1789.

The Second Amendment States,  A well regulated Militia being necessary to the Security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed. If the anit-gun lobby can abolish the Second Amendment, then they can abolish any of them if we give them the power to do away with one. This includes freedom of speech, press, and religion, the right against self-incrimination, and unwarranted search and seizure.  Not only did our Founding Fathers focus their debate on the right of people to keep and bear arm, they devoted considerable energy to issuing a warning to future generations that the battle to defend theses freedoms will take precedence over other work, yet in recent years were anit-gun politicians have attempted to control guns in the name of crime prevention. Address all crime and just crime with guns.

To date no gun law has been proven to reduce crime or homicides, not even the Brady Law and the   Clinton Crime Bill by foes of private firearms ownership was no fluke, many years of patient, deliberate work went into their anit-gun game plane that was formulated more than a decade ago. With those two laws it still did not keep guns out of criminals hands.  Using FBI statistics accumulated on a country level, Lott shows that in state that have strict gun control laws, there are higher crime rates, and in states with liberal gun carry laws, there are much lower crime rates, every thirteen seconds an American gun owner uses a firearm in defense against a criminal.  If gun control laws have any effect, it may be to increase crime, for instance, New Jersey adopted what sponsors described as the most stringent gun law in the nation in 1966; two years later the murder rate was up 46 percent and the reported robbery rate had nearly doubled. In 1968, Hawaii imposed a series of increasingly harsh measures and its murder rate, then a low 2.4 per 100,000 per year, tripled to 7.2 by 1977.

In Florida the homicide rate dropped from 37 percent above the nation average to 3 percent below the nation average after the state changed its concealed carry law in 1987.  In 1987, Floridas murder rate was 11.4 per 100,000 compared with nation rate 8.2. By 1992, the nation rate had risen to 9.3 per 100,000 while Floridas had dropped to 9, and in 1993, it continued to drop another .3 to 8.7 per 100,000. Between 1987 and 1992, rape increased nationally by 14.4 percent. But in Floridas it only increased 2.9 percent and in 1993 rape in Florida decreased .2 percent. Florida issued 204,108 licenses during the first six- and  half- years that the law was in effect. Only seventeen licenses have been revoked for unlawful conduct that involved possession of firearm that is .008 percent. That means eight thousands of 1 percent. It every law ever passed had that kind of success rate; we would have virtually NO CRIME!

Todays citizens believe people must take more responsibility for their own protection. They reject government intrusion on basic civil rights, gun ownership and the medias display of violence. There is a pervasive willingness to forgive those who commit serious crimes motivated by the lawless who lack compelling excuses and little mercy is shown.( Penn and Schoen Associates, Inc., did a second comprehensive survey of public attitudes toward crime in the past five years. American made it clear they are not willing to neither sit back and become victims nor allow the government to tamper with their civil liberties!: 75 percent agreed that police and the  justice system can not protect them, people said they have to take more responsibility for safeguarding themselves.

As many as 85 percent said they are unwilling to forfeit basic civil liberties even if could enhance personal safety. 62 percent said the need for guns is increasing, and a majority is unwilling to accept laws that restrict gun ownership greatly. 89 percent subscribe to the mother lion defense the saying would find it compelling if mother tried to excuse a serious crime by saying she was trying to protect her children from an abusive father. More than 75 percent support Three Strikes you are out proposals and want violent three time offenders behind bars for life.)Respondents were unmoved by criticism that older criminals would be kept behind bars, at taxpayer expense, though they may have been rendered relatively harmless by age. The message is  do the crime- do the time.

American want violent criminals off the streets and out of their neighborhood, the bottom line is Americans are upset about crime and soundly reject government solution that infringe on their rights and liberties. Clearly, people recognize that legislative and administrative infringements of our liberties are designed to convenience government rather than solve or curb violent crime. We have enforcement problem, we dont have gun problem in America. Tough laws are already on the books to remove criminals from society, but they should be used. Existing federal and state laws must be applied to a criminal who uses guns, drugs users, drug dealers, and all other lawbreakers. Under the Gun Control Act 1968 (GCA68) as amended in 1986,it presently a federal felony punishable by a five year prison term and a $250,000 fine for a convicted felon to be in possession of an assault weapon. That law covers all felons whether convicted by state, country, municipal, or federal court. If federal law enforcement agencies did their jobs with respect to guns and convicted violent felons using only GCA68 as reformed gun control would not be an issue and we would be along way toward solving the violent crime problem. We would be getting criminals off the streets and into jail.

Ultimately, it is people choices to use firearms to commit violent crimes. So criminals should be controlled, not the guns which they share with millions of law-abiding citizens. Gun control supporters claim that gun control lower crime rate. There have been many survey done that prove that is not true. We as people need to take a stand and fight for our Second Amendment and the right to bear arm. Gun control advocates need to realize that passing laws that honest gun owners will not obey is self-defeating strategy. Gun owners are not about to surrender their rights to bear arm or their liberties.

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