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Visual Cover Image Analysis Essay

Introduction The visual cover image for the November 26, 2013 National Basketball Association (NBA) Indiana Pacers basketball player Paul George for Eastbay catalogs for athletic products advertisements; Eastbay is well known for it’s athletic apparel and sports equipment. The purpose of this image is to reach all the men that can afford name brand clothes and sneakers and to convince them to purchase the athletics products advertised by Paul George through the catalog.

But I am concerned that the Eastbay catalogs only include men cover images as part of the design features. After reviewing the visual cover image, the target audience, mainly athletes, will be willing to buy the clothing and sneakers. The text and images and context also tells us what the cover image is demonstrating. Target Audience Eastbay catalogs only include athletic males on the cover images design because mainly athletic males read the publication. This represents that the catalog is intended only for athletic men.

The catalog cover image corroborates our culture, gender bias that men are told that sports are typically boys’ fields while arts are girls’ fields. In addition, society views the sports’ world as a man’s world because people who are involved with sports are usually drawn to this ad, especially men. The cover image in Eastbay catalogs of only men athletes challenges the social expectation of no gender bias. In other words, the lack of women’s images in the visual design features on Eastbay catalogs challenge the social expectation of women’s equality.

Thus challenging women equality, including the opportunity of women sports to be considered at the same importance level as men’s sports. Nevertheless, publishing catalogs with only men cover images confirms the media’s message that challenges the social expectation of no gender bias. The magazine The Atlantic adds the fact that “female players do not get much attention from the mainstream media” (Bodenner). This fact supports the message of lack of women cover images in sports magazine advertisements including the Eastbay catalogs.

Text and Images Despite the fact that Eastbay is published monthly, the ratio of male to female cover images on the Eastbay catalogs is 12:0. Paul George image, male athletic products, and others male athletes images in sports advertisements relates that society and the media respect men sports. In the image, the male looks powerful and determined to dunk the basketball. The way he is positioned makes him seem confident in what he is doing, also with how his eyes are focused on his goal. The text “prepare to win” demonstrates what the basketball player must be thinking while he is in the air.

Also, those texts are in white illustrating that there might be a positive outcome of him dunking the ball, considering the color white mean a positive connotation. No matter the talent and skills of female athletes, they are not given the same respect from society for sports. This brings the subject of feminists and sports in society. Sarah Pain, ESPN contributor, commented that the biggest obstacle faced by female athletes is that the women’s sports are not respected as the men’s sports are respected. Society considers men sports superior to women’s sports because of men’s strength and speed.

Consequently, publishing catalogs with only male cover images definitely conveys a gap between the men and women in sports and a gender bias on sports advertisement. Unlike men NBA advertisements, there are no WNBA advertisements during this month’s Eastbay catalog or basketball months’ catalogs even though the Women National Basketball Association (WNBA) games are happening at the same time. Besides, not only this month cover image, but also all months cover images for Eastbay catalogs include only males’ images.

The cover images of successful male athletes will vary depending on the sports’ season. Context The image gives off a vibe where there are spotlights and cameras flashing meaning the basketball player is more likely important with the spotlight being on him. In the advertisements perspective, if you buy their sports clothing, you will also be in the spotlight wherever you go. In general, if you’re dunking in a game, the spotlight will automatically be on you, but if you wear Eastbays clothing, people will notice you more.

Conclusion After all, I expect for the gender bias in sports magazine advertisements to increase. The media plays a significant role in the gender bias against women’s sports. The visual media reflect the way the society feels about a topic. In this case, through the Eastbay catalog the visual media document that society defines men’s sports superior than women’s sports. While a person reads the Eastbay catalog, the person is encouraged to accept the perception of the superiority of men’s sports over women’ sports.

Hence, we should promote changing the world of today’s visual media while shifting our focus on finding out how we can close the gap between the number of men and women cover images in Eastbay catalogs. This approach will encourage others magazines or venues to treat male and female equally in sports advertisements. We need to understand the significance of the gender bias message in Eastbay sports advertisement. Also, we need to take steps to broaden the review of the cover images before publication to ensure images fully meet Eastbay intentions and our community social expectation of gender equality.

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