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Abortion in certain cases can be an acceptable procedure however not in all cases

Abortion in certain cases can be an acceptable procedure however not in all cases. I believe abortion Is acceptable when particular events arise. If the mother Is raped or cannot hold the child or, an abortion would be wrong If Its Incest and the child will come out In with a defect. Abortion Is acceptable If the mother has a disease that can be passed down to the child that will harm or kill her baby. If the mother gets an abortion because she can’t support the baby, that is not a reason to terminate the pregnancy.

Adoption is always a better solution. Abortion is murder. No one should get an abortion unless they absolutely have to. The indications of ninety-eight percent of abortions are the issue of personal choices. Another reason thirty-two percent of women have abortions includes feeling emotionally incapable of being a mother. Also, another reason is financially incapable which twenty-five percent and of raising a child, and fearing that the child will have drastically alter her life which is sixteen percent.

Stomacher Institute studies found about half of the women having abortions have been using contraception during the month and became pregnant In 2000-2001 at sixteen percent. Three of the toughest reasons why people argue that abortion Is wrong are rape, protection of the mother’s life, and Incest. Then protection of the mother’s life at point two percent. Out of ten thousand women procuring abortion, only three cite incest as a reason. Out of one thousand women procuring abortion, only three cite rape as the main reason. Some staggering statistics are in 2005, the United States had 1. 1 million abortions performed. It rears down to per day there were 3. 315. In 2004 the number of abortions increased to 1,222,100. Thankfully the abortion level decreased by almost 1 6,000 from 2004 to 2005. Since the legalization of having abortions in 1973 there were approximately 50 million abortions in the United States. Most women having abortions are between the ages of twenty to twenty-four. The race that Is having the most abortions is African Americans which are thirty seven percent. A black woman is three times more likely than a white woman to have an abortion during her lifetime.

While blacks ND Hispanics comprise only twenty-eight percent of the population, they account for nearly sixty percent of all abortions. A Hispanic woman is two point five times more likely to have an abortion than a white woman. Women that have an income about eleven thousand dollars annually are four times more likely to abort their unborn child. There was a time of abortion outbreak yearly the total percentage age for aborting a child is at most nine weeks at sixty one point three percent which is seven hundred forty one thousand and seven hundred thirty.

Then the next highest is nine o ten weeks at seventeen point eight percent witch is two hundred fifteen thousand and three hundred and eighty. Approximately eighty nine percent of abortions are in the first twelve weeks of the pregnancy. The total abortion Is one point twenty one million. Two of the most common reasons of abortions are fear of miscarriages and women also fear of the turning of the baby In the womb There are many races that abort babies for particular reasons. Recorded by Stomacher Institute, three out of every four women, who have had an abortion, report of a type of religion.

The main want boys. Chinese do it because they’re over populated so they put them in an orphanage or abort them. Also they have an option of what sex of the baby they want. Women who claim to be Protestants get thirty seven point four percent abortions in the United States. Then women who claim to be Catholics get thirty one point three. Then Jewish women account for one point three percent. Women who claim to have no religion obtain twenty three point seven percent. In conclusion eighty three percent of abortions are in growing countries.

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