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A person, with feelings, sensation, and everything. Abortion Is a argumentative Issue affecting our society. Other hand, others believe that It Is a woman’s right to choose especially In certain situations such as Incest, rape, or health Issues threatening the mothers life. To end an Innocent child’s life using horrific procedures Is not only unethical for the doctors to perform, but is morally wrong. Therefore, it should be illegal. At 18 days, a baby’s heart starts beating. When you have an abortion after 18 days, the baby is stopping a heart from beating. 43 days the brain coordinates movements. Seeks all of the baby’s organs are functioning, including the brain and heart. 9 weeks, your baby has individual, permanent fingerprints. 10 weeks a baby feels pain. 12 weeks, a baby can smile, suck their thumb, and make a fist. Life begins at conception. There are over 2 million couples out there waiting to adopt. Give your unborn, innocent child a chance at life. Would you be happy if someone never gave you a chance at life? “If (my daughters) make mistake, I don’t want them punished with a baby” (Senator 1 An abortion is the medical process of ending a pregnancy so it does not result in the birth oaf baby.

It is also sometimes known as a termination or a termination of pregnancy. Depending on how many weeks you have been pregnant, the pregnancy is ended almost either by taking medication or by having a surgical procedure. An abortion is not the same as a miscarriage, where the pregnancy ends without medical intervention (although medical treatment may be needed after a miscarriage). There are two types of abortion: spontaneous abortion and Induced abortion. First is Spontaneous abortion Is a natural process resulting In the loss oaf pregnancy.

This is more commonly known as miscarriage and second Is Induced abortion is a medical or surgical procedure that Is undertaken with the Intention of ending a pregnancy. Induced abortion Is also known as termination of pregnancy. There are some risks that could happen to mothers after abortions. Heavy bleeding, Infection, Incomplete abortion, allergic reaction to drugs, tearing of cervix, scarring of the uterine lining, perforation of the uterus, damage to Internal organs, death ( this complication Is very rare and occurs, on average, In less than 20 cases per year).

When medicines are used to start labor, there Is an Increased risk of rupture of the womb than during normal childbirth. As with childbirth, possible complications of third trimester labor induction include infection, heavy bleeding, stroke and high blood pressure. Other immediate medical risks may include pelvic infection, incomplete abortion, blood clots in the uterus, heavy bleeding, cut or torn cervix, lot of people come up with several reasons for why they choose abortion.

Many are unwilling to take this big step due to the reasons described above: interruption of education or career, insufficient financial resources, or inability to care for an infant due to carving needs of other children or family members . Some college students ho become pregnant and give birth are also much less likely to complete their education than their peers. Others said that they don’t want people to know about their pregnancy, they are not ready to become a mother and they thought that abortion is the only way to solve the problems (Decision 2).

To solve the problems, an alternative solutions to abortion should be provided to birth mothers through a plan that would encourage adoption and provide care and opportunity for the birth mother through state open adoption laws and agencies. “l Just don’t believe in abortion, period. I would never take away a woman’s right to choose what’s good for re body. I still believe that when you do have an abortion, still inside, you go through a lot of stuff. It tears away at your spirit and your soul. I don’t think people think about that”(Shepherd 1). Things that mother should do without having abortion and others as well. First, birth Mothers could meet adoptive parents through an internet service (Solution 1). Second, state social worker to act as a third party between birth mother and adoptive parents (Solution 1). Third, government or states should fine or sin tax abortion procedures, in an effort to reduce abortion procedures (Pregnancy Solutions 1). Fourth, by raising the cost of abortion and by providing options to birth mothers, society could decrease the amount of abortions and fulfill the adoption requests (Solution 1).

Last, develop a plan to compensate birth mothers who choose adoption. The cost of adoption is approximately $ 25,000. 00. Individual compensation payment for birth mother could be set up and arranged through social worker or private attorney. Adoptive parents must pass state home study and show good will towards birth parent (Pregnancy Solutions 1). Abortion is immoral by almost religions. For example, Buddhists believe that life should not be destroyed, but they Edgar causing death as morally wrong only if the death is caused deliberately or by negligence (Buddhism 1).

The Catholic Church opposes abortion because it believes that life is sacred and inviolable (Religious 1). Islam teaches that life begins at conception and is created by God (Religious 2). The unborn child has certain rights such as the right to care, protection and life (Religious 2). The Church of England encourages people to think through the issue of abortion very carefully and recognizes that each individual will have differing views on the subject (Christianity ). Also, The Roman Catholic Church says that deliberately causing an abortion is a grave moral wrong (Christianity 2).

Those religions remind that killing innocent unborn baby is unacceptable and definitely morally wrong. There’s the reason why abortions should be illegal. First, people committing murder. Second, the babies have no chance to say. Third, life begins at conception, It causes mental problems for women. Fourth, 93% of women regret their abortion in the end, It causes depression (Statistic 1). Fifth, It may affect later pregnancies, and it breaks God’s commandment. I don’t believe an Alliance government should sponsor legislation on abortion or a referendum on abortion “(Stephens). The greatest destroyer of peace today is abortion, because it is a war against the child. A direct killing of the innocent child Killing someone no matter what reason is still murder. Ideally, People wouldn’t have sex if they didn’t want babies. Sex is not a recreational activity. It has consequences and it is responsibility to step up and accept the baby. However, because people want to keep living their life without responsibilities, so they decide to murder children. Abortion is murder, because the definition of murder is killing someone who doesn’t deserve to, or is not given the opportunity, and to defend themselves.

A fetus has no defenses. Particularly horrific are the partial birth abortions, especially when so many couples who cannot have children would love to adopt that baby. Also, the further along a pregnancy is, the worse the feeling of guilt will be for the mother. The mother may not realize it at the time of the abortion, but it will come, sooner or later, and can be devastating. No one should be murdered under any circumstance. Murder is someone that should never be a right or a choice.

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