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A Brief history of the indigenous peopl

A Brief history of the indigenous people BY Toni-Oliver 1) A Brief history of the indigenous people of SVGA. The indigenous people of the Caribbean are the Meridians, here in SST. Vincent and the Grenadines they are well known as Yellow Caries or Pure Caries. A) The Indigenous people of SVGA originally came from South America. Their customs were hunting, fishing and cultivating crops. They practiced manufactured pottery, basket making and making petrography. The Meridians were Polytheists, this means that they believed in many gods.

They also believed in an evil spirit called Maybug. B) The Caries (and Agrarian) named SST. Vincent Harrison which mean land of the blessed and also Wiremen. C) After paramount chief Joseph Chattier was defeated by the English at Thirstier Hill the black Caries or the Agrarian were transported to the Grenadine islands of Abattoir and Applicable where many of them died from living conditions and lack of water and food, they were then transported to, an island off the coast of Honduras.

D) The Agrarian are descendants of Carob, Arrack and West African people. You can find them living in villages such as Sandy bay and Fancy 2) SST. Vincent was discovered by a very famous explorer Christopher Columbus on the 22nd of January in 1498 on his third voyage, His nationality was Italian. Christopher Columbus named it after the feast day of the saint patron saint of Portugal, Vincent of Sarasota. 3) Four of SST. Vincent nation builders are the following:- 1 . Joseph Chattier 2. George Augustus McIntosh 3. Benzene Theodore Joshua 4.

Robert Milton ACTA Our first National hero Joseph Chattier was granted the title because he fought and defending SST. Vincent resulting in his own death. 4) Four important days of history in SST. Vincent are :- . Independence- October 27th 1979, this is the day SST. Vincent was granted Independence from Great Britain. 2. Emancipation- August 1st 1838, this is the day when slavery was abolished in the British Caribbean. 3. La Sufferer volcanic eruption- 13th of April 1979, this was the last volcanic eruption till this day.

The volcanic eruption happened during statehood. 4. The introduction of the breadfruit plant to SST. Vincent-January 23rd 1793, this is the day Captain William Blight brought the breadfruit plant to SST. Vincent. 5) Statehood is when a colony is given complete control over its internal affairs. Statehood lasted for ten years from the 27th of October 1969 to the 27th of October 1979. 6) Adult suffrage is the right to vote in political elections. SVGA was granted adult suffrage in 1951. 7) CSV’s first native Governor was Sir.

Rupert John, the first native Prime Minister was Hon.. Robert Milton ACTA, the first native Governor General was Dry. Sydney Gun- Munroe. 8) SST. Vincent and the Grenadines Government a) The government of SVGA is a parliamentary democracy. B) The difference between cabinet and parliament is that cabinet is a group of ministers of the government that sits on treasury benches inside the parliament while parliament contains two houses or chambers one of which is upper and the other lower houses. ) Four ways which the government gets money to meet our needs are by taxes, debt, income and fines. D) Some of the basic needs that the government is expected to help us meet are security, education and health care. Constituencies Representatives Portfolio of each representatives in parliament Political Party North Windward(NW) Montgomery Daniel Ministry Of Housing, Informal Human Settlements ,Physical Planning, Land And Surveys ALP North Central Windward(NC) Hon.. Ralph Gonzales Ministry Of Legal Affairs. Ministry Of National Security, Air And Sea Port Development.

Ministry Of Finance And Economic Planning ALP South Windward(SW) Frederick Stephenson Ministry Of National Manipulation , Social Development, The Family, Persons With Disabilities, Youth, Sports And Culture ALP South Central Windward(SC) Sabots Caesar Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Transformation, Fisheries, Forestry and Industry. ALP Marriage Girl Miguel Ministry Of Education West SST. George Cecil McKee Ministry Of Tourism And Industry East SST. George Clayton Burring Ministry Of Health ,Wellness And The Environment East Kingstown Iranian Justice AND Central Kingstown SST.

Claire Locked West Kingstown Daniel Cummings South Leeward Engel Stephenson Central Leeward Maxwell Charles National Reconciliation, Public Service, Information, Labor & Ecclesiastical Affairs North Leeward Roland Mathews Northern Grenadines Southern Grenadines Godwin Friday Iterance Olivier 9) A. According to an estimate made in July 2012 CSV’s population was reported to be 103,537. B. Five ethnic groups living in SST. Vincent are Black, Mulatto, White, East Indian and Black- Meridian. C. These ethnic groups greatly influenced the food of SST.

Vincent, which can be seen in the curried dishes, derived from the East Indians, the religion, which can be seen in the catholic and Methodist religions so prevalent in SVGA, which both came from the whites. Our language was also influenced by these ethnic groups as we speak a mixture of Standard English and Creole. 10) On page 10 11) A. Blue- represents the sky and seas. Yellow/Gold-represents the warm, bright spirit of the in habitants, sands of the area and the sunshine. Green- represents the lush vegetation of the agriculture. Green diamonds-represents the fact that SST.

Vincent and the Grenadines group of islands are gems of the Antilles. B. Three special times when the national flag is raised is at the Independence parade, C. The National Anthem 1 . Saint Vincent, Land so beautiful, With Joyful hearts we pledge to thee Our loyalty and love, and vow To keep you ever free. Chorus: What ever the future brings, Our faith will see us through. May peace reign from shore to shore, And God bless and keep us true. 2. Hairpin, Our fair and blessed Isle, Your mountains high, so clear and green, Are home to me, though I may stray, A haven, calm, serene. 3.

Our little sister islands are Those gems, the lovely Grenadines, Upon their seas and golden sands The sunshine ever beams. The National Pledge Land of my birth I pledge to thee, My loyalty and devotion, In all I think or say or do The words of the national anthem were written by Phyllis Punned and the music was created by Joel Miguel. 12) The National flower of SVGA is the Sufferer tree, our national dish is roasted breadfruit and fried Sawfish. The national drink is the delicious golden apple Juice, and the nation bird is the SST. Vincent parrot also known as the Amazonian Gilding.

The breadfruit tree was introduced by Captain William Blight on January 23rd in 1793. 13) A. Four of CSV’s national monument are :- 1. The Obelisk for Joseph Chattier in Thirstier Hill. 2. The iron man on Bay Street Kingstown. 3. The Carnegie Building where the public library was once housed. 4. The SST George’s Anglican Cathedral on Greenville Street lie. Four of CSV’s national Symbols are the coat and arms, the motto, the national bird, the national Anthem. B. Four of the many tourist attractions in SST. Vincent which you could find are the La Sufferer volcano, Trinity falls, the Grenadines and the Botanical Gardens. ‘. The Trinity Fall are three powerful waterfalls which tumbles into a wide river basin before falling again into a further pool below. This waterfall is set deep in a volcanic canyon about four miles from Richmond Vale- Academy, a two hour drive from Kingstown along the leeward coast to Richmond. A twenty minute hike through a lush rainforest’s take you to the rainforest’s, said to be the most beautiful in SST. Vincent. C. Petrography are Petrography are rock carvings made by pecking directly on the rock surface using a stone chisel and a hammertoes.

You can find 4 of many in SVGA in Allay, Mount Wayne, Petit Border and the 13 Stones. 14) A. SVGA achieved its independence from Britain on October 27th 1979. B. SST. Vincent was ceded to Britain by the Treaty of Paris (1763), after which friction between the British and the Caries led to the First Carob War. The island was restored to French rule in 1779 and regained by the British under the Treaty of Versailles (1783). Conflict between the British and the black Caries continued until 1796, after which the British deported more than 5,000 black Caries to Aorta, an island off the coast of Honduras.

From 1763 until independence, SST. Vincent passed through various stages of colonial status under the British. A representative assembly was authorized in 1776 slavery was abolished in 1834. The resulting labor shortages on the plantations attracted Portuguese immigrants in the asses and East Indians in the asses as laborers. Conditions remained harsh for both former slaves and immigrant agricultural workers, as depressed world sugar prices kept the economy stagnant until the turn of the 19th to 20th century.

A Crown Colony government was installed in 1877, a Legislative Council created in 1925, and universal adult suffrage granted in 1951. During this period, the British made several unsuccessful attempts to partner SST. Vincent with other Windward Islands in order to govern the region through a unified administration. The most notable was the West Indies Federation, which collapsed in 1962. SST. Vincent was granted associate statehood status on October 27, 1969, giving it complete control over its internal affairs. Following a referendum in 1979, SST.

Vincent and the Grenadines became the last of the Windward Islands to gain independence. It celebrates independence on 27 October 1979. C. Independence, to SVGA, means a chance to be in control of all its affairs and to not have to report to a higher power. D. Three ways in which SVGA has changed since independence are: I) We got our win Prime Minister I’) We got our own flag iii) We make our own decisions 15) On page 9 b) The Grenadines attract a lot of tourists and this increases the amount of money circulating in the country.

The many schools being built in the Grenadine Islands are increasing the amount of education received by young people, enabling them to get better Jobs and better their lives. C) Each Grenadine Island has its own specialty. Bequeath is known for its whaling and regatta, Mystique is known for its beaches and the celebrities who visit the island, Union Island is known for its Lamb (conch) and its rich culture. 6) a) Four crops grown for export in SST. Vincent are banana, arrowroot, plantain and sweet potatoes. B) Three products imported are medicine, rice and sugar.

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