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Of Mice And Men by John Steinbeck

Of Mice And Men by John Steinbeck first takes place a few miles south of Soledad. There were two men by the names of George and Lennie who became life long partners. George thought Lennie needed support because Lennie was mentally retarded. Later, George and Lennie moved to a ranch nearby Soledad. George and Lennie got into trouble a few miles south of Soledad in a town called Weed. The men were hiding out along a river called Salinas, across from the Gabililan mountains. Trouble occurred in Weed when Lennie grabbed a hold of a ladies dress, because he was curious about the texture of the fabric.

The woman ook it the wrong way and became upset and frightened. Curdling screams caused some men to come rushing to the aid of the woman. Lennie then became frightened and ran away. George was such a supportive and understanding friend that he ran away with him. Running together, the two frightened men hid out in the Salinas River waiting for dusk to come. When dusk arrived, the two men gathered wood and built a fire. Luckily, George had three cans of pork and beans with him in his backpack. They stayed there until morning to start walking again.

George told Lennie that he heard of a ranch that was four miles ahead of hem and they could get a job there. George told Lennie that if he would get into trouble at the ranch, that he should come back and hide in the bush. Sunrise had came and the two men began their walk to the ranch. When George and Lennie arrived, they saw a huge long rectangular building where the bunks were inside, the walls were white and the floor was wood. The old swamper showed Lennie and George to their assigned bunks. While George and Lennie were getting settled in, a stocky man stood in the doorway.

He had on blue jeans, a flannel shirt, a vest, a coat, boots and spurs. George and Lennie quickly knew that the man in the doorway was their boss. With a deep voice, the boss asked, You got your workslips? George quickly reached in his pocket and pulled out their slips and handed them to the boss. The boss then told them to go out after dinner and help out with the team by picking up barley at the threshing machine. After the boss left, the old swamper came in with his broom in his hand, and was followed by an old sheep dog with blind eyes and struggling just to get to the other side of the room.

Suddenly, a young man with dark curly hair came into the oom wearing high heeled boots and spurs on them. It was the bosss son, named Curley. After Curley left, a girl with large lips, beautiful sparkling eyes, and red fingernails appeared in the doorway. She said, Im looking for Curley, but, all the guys just stood there and admired her except George. He turned his head and said, He was in here a minute ago, but he went. Slim and Carlson began to talk, and Carlson asked Slim if his female dog had her pups. Carlson thought that Slim could give up one of his pups so he could give a pup to Candy the old Swamper and get rid of Candys dog.

The poor dog smelled, ould barely see, and had trouble walking without pain. Later that night, when Candy was lying in bed, Carlson asked, Do you want me to put the old devil out of his misery right now, Candy? Making excuses Candy said, You aint got no gun. Then Calrlson told Candy that he does have a Luger. Candy sure didnt know what to think or what to say, so he gently said, Oh, maybe tomorrow. As the night went on, Candy finally told Carlson to take the puppy. Curley came flinging open the door as he walked inside. The boys knew there was going to be trouble. Lennie began laughing at something Candy said to Curley.

Curley then got angry and raged at Lennie for laughing and told him to get up and fight like a man. Lennie wouldnt hurt a fly on purpose. So he just stood up and stared at him. Curley was a small statured man, but he went ahead and took a swing at Lennie and broke his nose. While all of this was taking place, George was yelling, Get him Lennie! Get him! So Lennie took it upon himself to do what was right and when Curley took the second swing, Lennie grabbed his hand and then Curley hit the ground, whining like a baby. The other men immediately took Curley to the hospital because his hand was crushed.

George promised Lennie that he would get him a pup when they got to the ranch. Slim gave Lennie one of his and was so excited that he finally got to have a pup of his own. Every night Lennie would go out and lay by his little pup and stroke him. Slim told Lennie that if he wasnt careful, he would kill the little puppy because he was handling him too much. It happened!… Lennie was playing with his little pup and the puppy began knawing on his hand so Lennie hit him. Lennie didnt intentionally try to hit him hard , but he did, resulting in his pups death.

The pup as kept in the barn where Lennie tried to bury it in the straw. Without Linnie knowing, before him stood Curlys wife watching him, but not knowing what he was doing. Lennie knew he was not supposed to talk to here because George didnt want any trouble between Lennie and Curley. She quietly sat down beside him and started talking to him. He told her how and why the pup died. She gently soothed him by telling him the pup was only a mutt and it wasnt anything to worry about. Lennie then started to talk about how a nice lady gave him a piece of velvet to touch and feel, but he lost it.

Curleys wife told Lennie he could touch her hair. She told him the reason why her hair was so soft was because she brushed it so much. Lennie then gently put his hand on her head to touch her hair. he began to stroke it. He liked her hair so much that he stroked it harder and harder, until she yelled for him to stop. She flung her head to the side and he still kept touching her hair. She screamed out with fear until Lennie put his hand over her mouth and nose. Please dont do that! , Lennie begged. She flopped and turned like a fish when he shook her. There was no movement coming from her.

Lennie softly removed his hand and old her he didnt want to hurt her, but if she yelled George would be mad. After she was quiet, Lennie picked up her arm and let it drop. He knew he had done something very bad. Lennie quickly covered up what he could of her body with hay. He heard people outside of the barn playing games, so he crept around the other side of the manger and disappeared silently. looking for Lennie, Candy called out, Lennie, Oh Lennie. Candy turned around and saw Curlys dead wife. Candy ran to George and told him about her. George knew deep down in his heart that Lennie killed her. George knew what he had to do.

Dandy and George went and told the guys the horrible news. Curley immediately said, Ill kill the big guy myself. Carlson ran to get his Luger, but to find out it was already gone. Suspiciously, Curley accused Lennie of taking it for protection. George knew where he disappeared. George silently left the group of mean and went to where Lennie was hiding. he saw Linnie sitting beside the Salinas river where George told him to be if he got into any trouble. George went down and sat down beside Linnie and told him that they will get a home in the country, and they would get to tend the rabbits, chickens, and do chores together.

Lennie was so excited to hear that George would still let him tend to the rabbits. In a distance George heard the screaming and yelling of the pack of men. Closer and closer the screams grew. George became tense as the men came closer. George was the one who took the luger. He pulled it out of his coat and held it behind him back. George shivered and looked at the gun as he brought it from around his back and raised it up to Lennies head. Voices became louder, footsteps groe closer, George knew what he had to do. Sadly, George pulled the trigger on someone he cared for very deeply. He backed away as the men approached.

Carlson asked how he killed him and George responded he that Lennie had his gun, that he had tried to take it away from Lennie, and the gun went off and shot him. The irony of this story happens when George unexpectedly took Carlsons gun. Not only taking his gun, George shot Lennie. you would not think that a friend would kill another friend. Possible, George was only helping Lennie out. Therefore, the most ironic situation was when he killed his own best friend.

The theme of this book is, if a friend is true then one will stick by each other through good times and bad times. George was a true friend. e displayed his riendship by risking his own life to help when Lennie was in trouble. Also, George let Lennie know that he was never man at him though all that took place that day. The only reason why George shot Lennie himself was because he wanted to make the punishment less severe than it would have been if the men found Lennie first. My evaluation of this book is that I thought it had a nice theme. I believe the book could of been better if it did not use so much profanity. The overall book was above average. I would recommend this to junior high school students as a group reading project, and the principal authorizes it.

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