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Challenges In John Steinbeck’s Of Mice And Men Essay

Even though the story ends with heartache, it still doesn’t remove the fact that Lennie and George knew that their friendship kept them going. John Steinbeck brings the time period of the 1930s to life in Of Mice and Men. The story captures the tale of two men, George and Lennie, use friendship and a dream to overcome challenges. Piece by piece as challenges add, it ends with serious consequences. Steinbeck displays that weakness leads to cruelty through the characters in Of Mice and Men by Crooks trying to acquire a position over Lennie, Candy’s dog dying, and Curley’s wife speaking to Crooks.

Weak things don’t survive, similar to Crooks seeking a ranking above Lennie. Within the status of the ranch, everyone fits into a location in ranking with the boss on top, followed by numerous others before hitting the bottom where Lennie, Candy, and Crooks lay. A single person cannot advance in level, although countless individuals attempt, unless one marries into such as Curley’s wife. Crooks uttered, “S’pose George don’t come back no more. S’pose he took a powder and just ain’t coming back. What’ll you do then? ” (71).

Each word muttered by Crooks adds excitement to himself as to continue to remark his thoughts towards Lennie due to the pleasure accompanying the flow of added to sentences. Crooks strives assembling the picture for Lennie as expressing how he feel. Due to Crooks living as an African American, a rejection trail him around creating loneliness suppressed in a compacted room attached to the barn. Crooks seeks broadening Lennie’s vision about the extravagant future can’t occur due to people similar to themselves destiny doesn’t allow. If weakness, a character trait ost at the farm, arises it won’t last long due to killed shortly.

Carlson argued Candy’s dog lacks strength, which resulted in the dog’s death. The logic behind Carlson’s explanation of the dog’s death lies in the smell, age, missing teeth, and lives with rheumatism. Candy’s history dates back to getting the dog as a pup and continuous parenting up until Carlson murdering the dog. Carlson remarked, “… This ol dog jus’ suffers hisself all the time. If you was to take him out and shoot him right in the back of the head… right there, why he’d never know what hit him” (45).

Carlson disregarded Candy’s emotion when it comes to the dog due to affection found only in himself. The points utilized by Carlson to express reasoning behind the execution of the dog directly leads to weakness. Both the dog and Candy, a symbol linked together because of their and inability to work, die literally and metaphorically. Due to the loss of an arm, Candy’s jobs must allow a task simple enough to completed with the disability. Shooting the dog symbolized a shot ripping through Candy’s heart slaughtering himself because the connection of history and disability cinched themselves in partnership.

Just the weak badger one another to pursue motion upward in placement or carrying out desired wants, identical to Carlson’s firing the gun and Curley’s wife’s words to Crooks. Curley’s wife, who married into power, verbally abuses Crooks by communicating his weaknesses. The distribution of authority established on the farm sets employees and family right into a slot, but Curley’s wife ranks higher than Crooks and in reality she would fall below him. Back in the day, women represented temptation of evil and terrible due to sleeping around.

After plummeting out of a relationship between an actor and Curley’s wife, she sprang into marrying Curley to prevent loneliness, since she married Curley it meant enabling herself to obtain dominance. Curley’s wife declared, “… I could get you strung up on a tree so easy it ain’t even funny” (81). Death threats sail out of Curley’s wife’s mouth not even troubled hiding how badly she appears and proves the world must support entirely her. “For a moment she stood over him as though waiting for him to move so that she could whip at him again” (81).

Violence authorises her point clearly to Crooks because weakness creates a monster of herself exploiting cruelty as moving muscles in her body. Minutes before the Curley’s wife emerged into the room, Crooks began to open up to Candy and Lennie concerning his life, but as soon as she broke into his room to insult him, Crooks shut everyone out again believing that mankind doesn’t acknowledge kindness into one’s heart. Anybody on the ranch exploits a style of cruelty, but the weak one’s value this for their benefit.

Cruelty, a result of weakness, is initiated in characters in Of Mice and Men by Crooks degrading Lennie for a higher situation than Lennie, Candy losing his dog, and Curley’s wife vocalizing her feelings to Crooks. If something lacks toughness compared to others, it doesn’t live long due to the tough ones slaying the weak off. The weak go through business alone due no particular person extending a hand to help, which develops into loneliness. When people go through anything in life, the best thing to do means going with someone else that cares for that individual because the focus on the enormous picture improves.

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