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Why Abortion is Murder

Savannah Holtam Opinion paper – ABORTION March 6, 2008 English 105 – Saturdays “Mommy Don’t Murder Me” Abortion is murder of an innocent human life. An innocent baby should not have to die because people choose to be irresponsible; there are other ways around abortion. The best way to avoid getting an abortion is giving your baby to a loving family. There are people that cannot conceive children of their own. Everyone should take responsibility for their own actions, and step up to the plate. The child that is being aborted is your son/daughter. They will love you unconditionally.

They will look up to their parents, and respect them. Children will laugh when they are happy, and cry when hurting. A child should always have someone to be there to love them, and teach them how to be a better person. I love my son more then life it self, and to me life is not worth living without him. I could never live with myself, knowing Iended a human life. This child could be the future president; they deserve a chance to be all they can be. You can not take away someone’s life; it is not your decisionto make. God and only God can decide when to end someone’s life.

In the United States it is legal for a womanto terminate her pregnancy with no questions asked as long as she is 24 weeks or less. At 24 weeks a fetus is a moving, breathing human being, with a beating heart. An unborn child comes into this world a helpless, innocent,and defenseless. If my mother was unable to care for me; I would not want to be aborted. I am glad that I am here today breathing and living life, No matter how hard my life has been or what challenges I have been faced with; I thank god everyday to be here on this beautiful planet earth.

Everyone deserves the chance at life. Everyone will grow into a beautiful strong human being. When I look at my beautiful, smiling son I wonder how someone can abort their pregnancy. I got pregnant when I was only fifteen years old; abortion was never an option for me. I know that abortion is morally wrong. Abortion is murder in my book. The fetus that is being aborted would grow into a crawling, smiling, beautiful baby that has so much love to offer. A Baby has so much happiness, and laughterto offer. I will never understand why anyone would want to murder a precious baby.

Irresponsible people are having unprotected sex; babies are being conceived everyday. I bet about half of them end in abortion. If people are going to have sex, and are not ready to take care of a baby they are precautions theycan take. Women who do not wish to become pregnant can use various forms of birth control. I am currently using the patch so I do not have anymore unexpected pregnancy’s. Just simply using condoms is a very good way to avoid pregnancy. It is also very important to protect ourselvesagainst STD’s & HIV.

Birth Control does not protect from HIV or STD’s; use condoms along with birth control. Many young women are too embarrassed to ask their health care provider about birth control options. It is very important for them to not be afraid of asking questions about their health. When I was younger I didn’t know much about sex, pregnancy, and how to prevent it; that’swhy I had a child at age sixteen. I wish somebody would have taught me about birth control and pregnancy. If a woman feels she cannot give her child a fair shot at living life, someone else can.

Someone else will love and care for that child as if were there own. Someone would much rather know that their mother could not care for them and gave them to a family that could better care for them. That is showing concern about their future. I could not imagine giving my baby up for adoption, but I know adoptionis a beautiful thing. For some people it is the best thing they can do for their baby. If someone is unable to give their child the life they deserve, give them to a loving family that cannot have kids.

Then they will not have to live the rest of theirlife full of guilt about what might have been of this beautiful child’s life. Life is a beautiful thing; everyone deserves that experience to live life. Nobody should have the power to end a person’s life, or say who lives, and who dies. Abortion is murder, in 9 months a breathing, crying baby will be here to open her eyes to a world full of opportunities. The ways they abort the baby are horrendous. In some cases they jab a sharp object into the baby’s brain and suck the brain out using a vacuum.

An unborn child moves, breathes, kicks, feels inside of their mother’s stomach. How can someone kill their baby? How can theyexplain that? Murder is wrong, and people that have abortions are getting away with murder. How can it be legal for another human being to take away this innocent baby’s life before they had a chance to breathe? I love life even though I did not have the best life. I am thankful that no one aborted by life because I would not be here today. It is not your choice to take my life away from me.

If someone is going to be sexually active, and they know theyare not ready to take on the responsibility of raising a child than please use birth control. If the pregnancy does not occur than they don’t have to abort the baby. Abortion is a horrible thing that will follow someone the rest of their life. Someone will always wonder what could have been and what theirbaby would be doing in the world today. Abortion should definitelybe made illegal in the United States. It is an easy way out for irresponsible people; it is justtoo simple to conceive a child and end a pregnancy.

A pregnant woman can go to an abortion clinic and kill theirbaby without anyone ever knowing. The guilt will tear them up inside. A woman can receive an abortion without any questions asked, and she will never know what could have become of herprecious baby. Babies are so innocent and precious; how could anyone murder a baby? The baby cannot even defend themselves, they are helpless and defenseless. A baby is pureand happy. The baby just wants someone to love them andgive them a fair chance at life. Love that baby more than anything; give the baby the gift of life.

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