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Who Is Donald Trump’s Fascinating?

In the presidential election, pictures are often used to highlight the intensity a candidate and their audience possesses for their argument. In the presidential debate, no one can argue that Donald Trump isn’t passionate, but some may argue that his passions spiral into aggression too quickly. Trump has been derogatory and rude towards women, but women still attend his rallies. He says things that are offensive, yet he remains in a close race with Hillary Clinton, even though Clinton has served as First Lady, Secretary of State, and senator.

This is surprising considering Trump is a rookie politician comparing Clinton to a lifetime of national attention due to her position in political offices. News outlets use snapshots of his rallying efforts to focus on his vigorous goals and attitude. A close inspection of images of Donald Trump used by multiple news outlets during the presidential campaign, illustrate Trump’s unconventional, unrefined approach and the loyalty it creates in his followers. In image 1, Donald Trump is in front of a crowd of people who seem to be pledging their loyalty.

He takes on a leadership position very similar to that of a preacher. From the reactions of the people in the background, they seem to be happy and laughing and loud. Looking at the image, the crowd rings with shouts of praise for Trump and his policies. He takes on this revivalist attitude and encourages followers to believe his themes can be accomplished. The oddity is that he can say things that are offensive and derogatory but does not lose followers as illustrated by the quantities of people who continually flock his rallies. On the opposite side of the spectrum, Trump can be compared to Adolf Hitler.

In the image, the people’s arms are outstretched and raised high as they solute him, or “solemnly swear” to vote for him (Johnson). Trump has been noted before as an aggressor and bully when he is not dominating the conversation. In accordance with Hitler, Trump has a lunatic, and controlling attitude about leading a group of people. Even though he is overpowering at some times, he still accumulates a crowd. With or without bias, people are drawn to him because of his lack of refinement. He lacks political correctness that his audience is quick to applaud.

News outlets cover him because of his ideas and policies, but they also talk about him because of his tell it like it is attitude. Matter of fact, people are always talking about him, whether in the positive or negative light, he attracts a following. The second image from Real Clear Politics is another picture of a crowd at a Trump rally. The focal point of this picture is the two young men pushing against the railing who are cheering with an intensity similar to that of a student section at a rival sports game. Through the wins and the losses, the fan section is always there to represent their loyalty to their chosen team.

These two men represent the stereotypical American pride. The one man, dressed in a muscle t-shirt and a hat, flexing his bicep demonstrates the power and passion Trump instills in his supporters. In more detail, Trump’s motto, to “Make America Great Again,” effectively rallies American pride and support needed to win the election. In accordance with Trump’s patriotic appeals and lack of refinement, there always seems to be a frenzy that attracts viewers. These people do not have room to lounge, they are tightly packed and pushing towards the front to see him and be the loudest cheerleader.

Looking at it with a bias for Clinton, her etiquette and ability to communicate her ideas are her winning points in the election. Trump’s intensity can lead himself to ramble into outbursts that do not effectively communicate policy of his vision, but he still has a crowd clinging every word that he speaks. In terms of unconventional, Trump is blazing his own path. He isn’t the typical politician to make his way into the White House by serving previous positions of Governor, Senator, and Representative. He is a business man, an actor, and most recently the republican party nominee.

As shown in image 3, he possesses a lot of money because he has his own name on his own plane, Trump Force 1. He has no problem telling everyone that he is rich. Some call it arrogance and cockiness but others might call it branding and business. Another point that has been made against Trump that he has been a bad business man and cheated his way to the top. His counterargument is using the laws to his advantage to make a living for himself. Again, seen as either successful or cheater, there’s no argument that he has made it to the role of nominee. By editing of the image, the focus is directly on his plane.

The plane speaks for itself, he is successful in the business world. Even though the focus is on the plane, in the background is a crowd and podium that beckons him to address supporters. Trump’s passion is another characteristic that appeals to his supporters. In every speech he makes, it is almost guaranteed some level of emotion. Using pathos as his unifier, Trump creates this sense of emotional burning for the direction he intends for the country. Making an emotional connection to his topic, his supporters feel a stronger connection and pull to vote his policies into the White House.

All together Trump has defined himself to be a successful candidate and proven himself by doing things his own way. In terms of leadership, he maintains the qualities to manage tasks and organize his audience with a common theme. Donald trump brings an unconventional background and style to the Presidential race. His leadership and slogan has fostered a choice of business as usual or his plan to make America great. While overlooking details, the attraction comes from his lack of political correctness and emotion.

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