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What is history essay

History is often a subject that most students overlook but it is one of the most important subjects to learn especially in the society we live in today. A great man once said”History can come in handy. If you were born yesterday, with no knowledge of the past you might easily accept whatever the government tells you. But knowing a bit of history–while it would not absolutely prove the government was lying in a given instance–might make you skeptical, lead you to ask questions, make it more likely that you would find out the truth”-Howard Zion.

This quote is saying that knowing your history will be beneficial for you because it will teach you to be skeptical of the information that is given to you also that knowing about your past makes you more knowledgeable which makes you more powerful. This is very important because in our society certain information you take in is not always the truth so we need to be able pick out what is real and what is not. This way of thinking leads me to believe that this quote in the post modern perspective because this quote emphasizes the ole of the historian in making history.

The world we live in is a technology based world. Most people these days rely purely on their devices and learn from them instead of learning about what the past has done for us. Being a teen in this world I pay more attention to my social media accounts then I do about what happened in my past. This is not a good thing because without knowing my past I won be able to know what to do with my future. History teaches us what the people in the past did to handle their own situations, learning bout what they did helps us learn how to handle our own situations.

For example after reading the Diary of Anne Frank I thought that if a girl who is going through something as tragic as what she was going through and she was still able to be a teenager in her own way then why was there no hope for me. History is not Just a subject where there is one answer to everything. Multiple countries have different views on what really happened. Subjects like science or math there is really only one outcome for each equation but for a subject like history o get to really think of the answer.

Although for some things history is one answer for example the dates things took place, but what is really interesting is that other things depend on what country is telling you what transpired. For example if you go to Germany and learn about World War One you will get a completely different education then if you went to France to learn about it. This is also another reason why history is such an important thing to learn because it teaches you that not everything is the same in every country and that there are many different outcomes room one event.

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