Conflict In Darfur Essay

The Conflict in Darfur, Sudan is a humanitarian crisis which officially began in 2003 and continues to this day. The conflict began with tribal and governmental disputes. The government then began to fight a proxy war by arming nomadic Arab tribes, called the Janjaweed, to fight against the Darfuri people. The government has isolated themselves … Read more

The Azande Men Essay

The Azande people live between the longest river in the world, the Nile river, and the Congo river on a continental divide that separates the two drainage basins. This is located in Africa on the borders of Central African Republic and South Sudan. The area of land is fairly big at approximately 1,200 miles long … Read more

Rwandan Genocide: Poem Analysis Essay

In his poem, “Rwandan Genocide,” William Cheesman states, “all the shouts every night, screams of pain, screams of fright, screams for mercy, to see morning’s light, to pardon them and to stop this fight. ” Illustrated in the poem is the general perspective of a victim facing genocide, the pain is incomprehensible, and the urgency … Read more