A Summary Of Standardized Testing

As education and common core modernized with time, educators had difficulties comparing students’ academic levels and determining national standards. An educational pioneer named Horace Mann created a standardized test in 1845 to give “children equal opportunities” (Gershon). The idea expanded globally and each nation created their own forms of testing to accommodate for their country’s … Read more

Should SAT Testing Be Banned Essay

The Effects of SAT and ACT Test Scores on Students Too often students find themselves cramming information they should know before taking a test. Initially, they’ll study the information, and mundanely forget it soon after the test. Students often say “getting grades is the most important thing about school” (LeCompte). The more emphasis teachers and … Read more

Benefits Of Standardized Testing Essay

Standardized testing is not the best way to measure how well a teacher teaches or how much a student has learned. Schools throughout the United States put their main focus on standardized tests; these examinations put too much stress on the teachers and students and cause traumatizing events. Standardized testing is believed to be the … Read more