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Souls music was also enabled by an unstoppable trend towards black and white integration, as more and more white folks accepted the idea that lack culture was not evil or degrading simply different (African instead of European). The sociopolitical inroads made by jazz also helped legitimate black pop music with the white masses. Soul music […]

History of Soul Music Christina Ivery University of Phoenix RES/110 John Thomas February 11, 2010 Soul music was a voice for blacks during a time of war and segregation, aside of leaders like Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Malcolm X.. As stated by a historian Peter Guralnick, “It was as if the rhythm and […]

The gospel revival and do-hop merged into the great season of soul music. Soul music was enabled by the commercial boom of “race” music, that had led to the creation of channels and infrastructures run by black entrepreneurs for black artists. This class of black entrepreneurs hired and trained a generation of session musicians, producers […]

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