Being Deaf Research Paper

Mrs. Vicki Scott, former elementary music teacher in the Springfield School District, had several students in her school who were deaf or hard of hearing. She was a very gifted teacher and was able to teach her students with very limited hearing abilities to match pitch, keep steady beat, and demonstrate musicality. Alice-Ann Darrow, Professor … Read more

Essay about Public And Private Language Summary

Richard Rodriguez’s “Public and Private Language,” Amy Tan’s “The Language of Discretion,” and Itabari Njeri’s “What’s in a Name? ” each described language, ethnicity, and identity respectively. In “Public and Private Language,” Richard tells a story of a Spanish-speaking child who gained various positive benefits and advantages by speaking more English. However, they grew apart … Read more

Latin By Donald Clark Summary Essay

“Latin remains the cold, dead language of exclusivity and exclusion,” claims author Donald Clark in his article “10 Reasons to NOT Teach Latin (Reductio ad Absurdum). ” Along with a number of others, Clark holds the belief that learning Latin, a “dead language,” wastes time. Clark, however, is wrong. If we truly examine our interaction … Read more