Through Deaf Eyes Summary Essay

“Through Deaf Eyes” is a 2007 documentary film that explores the history and culture of the deaf community in the United States. The film features interviews with deaf individuals, as well as experts on deafness and sign language. The film begins with a brief overview of the history of sign language, which was once banned … Read more

Being Deaf Research Paper

Mrs. Vicki Scott, former elementary music teacher in the Springfield School District, had several students in her school who were deaf or hard of hearing. She was a very gifted teacher and was able to teach her students with very limited hearing abilities to match pitch, keep steady beat, and demonstrate musicality. Alice-Ann Darrow, Professor … Read more

Hearing Loss Research Paper

Noise can cause our ears to hurt and can cause some people to go deaf. The decibels(dB) of a noise are put on a scale if it is at or over then eighty-five dB it can cause hearing loss. People that have hearing loss are not deaf they still have some hearing. When they have … Read more