Rheumatoid Arthritis In Children

A shocking 22. 7% of adults in the United States have doctor-diagnosed arthritis. That is 1 in 5 people over the age of 18. 1 The word arthritis is a medical term that specifically refers to the inflammation of joints, but is commonly used as a collective term for over 100 rheumatic diseases and conditions … Read more

Tendon Injuries: A Case Study

Extensor tendon lacerations most commonly occur in men (83%), in the dominant hand (60%), in the thumb and secondly the index finger (Patillo and Rayan 2012). Tendon injuries were found to be caused by a variety of mechanisms in a study done in 2014 that include a knife, saw, crush injury, degloving injury, and bite … Read more

Rheumatoid Arthritis Essay Examples

Rheumatoid arthritis is a chronic syndrome that is characterized by inflammation of the peripheral joints, but it may also involve the lungs, heart, blood vessels, and eyes.  The prevalence of this autoimmune disease is between 0.3% to 1.5% of the population in the United States (Feinberg, pp 815).  It affects women two to three times … Read more