Seaworld Protest

Protesting is an essential part of life that needs to happen if you want to get somewhere and stand up for your rights. There have been a million things that people have protested in these past years, including the inauguration of Donald Trump, legalization of marijuana, civil rights, etc. The people that decide to get … Read more

Eric Adams

The job of a police officer requires them to put their lives at risk to protect others and the threat seems to end when the uniform is off. Does the threat really end for officers of color? Eric Adams opens a small window into his world as a colored officer with his article, “The Thin … Read more

Civil Disobedience Essay

Movements around the globe have stemmed from peaceful beginnings, and in the United States alone, many prominent peaceful movements have brought about some of the most prominent reforms put forth by the government. Being that no real results can be expected from mere picketing and passive proclamations from a megaphone, these demonstrations often break the … Read more