Transhumanism Research Paper

Human beings are subject to aging and other limitations that prevent them from performing the various task at different times of their life. Transhumanism is described as the philosophy of life that seeks to improve the human conditions by eliminating human limitations using science and technology. The process is guided by life-promoting principles and values. … Read more

Stereotypes Of Leadership In The Workplace

The term leadership has become a huge topic in today’s society. Businesses are especially fixated on the importance of leadership and how this trait leads to positive results in the workplace. Leaders are thought to be confident, put-together, and organized. A person’s appearance can have an impact when applying for jobs. Because appearance is a … Read more

Union Pacific Case Summary

The Complainant began her employment as an Associate Systems Consultant (Assoc. Sys. Consult. ) on July 25, 2011. She was a member of the Information Technology (IT) Team, referred to as Application Development-Operations. Jason Hochwender, Director, Information Technology , oversees the Application Development area. The Assoc. Sys. Consult. position is associated with a specific career … Read more