Urban Legend Of Urban Mythology

Urban legends have long been included in our culture as traditional stories that often provide a moral conclusion cultivated and spread either orally or written on paper. Many of these tales are often misunderstood as a false story, however these tales are derived from real life events, and are exaggerated and modified as time passes. … Read more

Urban Legend Research Paper

Urban legend is commonly seen as one of the most important and versatile forms of verbal folklore as its applications can be synthesized by anyone anywhere. In my research paper I will be diving deeper into an urban legend local to my hometown of Mahopac, NY. This urban legend is the legend of “Oniontown”, a … Read more

Greek Gods In The Odyssey Essay

Homer the Odyssey tells the tale of a journey of the hero Odysseus and the journey through danger, temptation, and self evaluation. The monsters of greek mythology test the heroic side of a person and that’s what they did to Odysseus. “This time his opponents are not military, instead, he encounters various monsters who try … Read more