Urban Legend Of Urban Mythology

Urban legends have long been included in our culture as traditional stories that often provide a moral conclusion cultivated and spread either orally or written on paper. Many of these tales are often misunderstood as a false story, however these tales are derived from real life events, and are exaggerated and modified as time passes. … Read more

Hamlet Act 5 Scene 3

A characteristic that made Shakespeare such an intriguing playwright is his ability to convey powerful messages to an audience in a creative and unexpected manner. When comparing act 5, scene 3 from Richard III to act 1, scene 5 from Hamlet, this niche can truly be appreciated by analyzing his usage of ghosts. Although the … Read more

To What Extent Is The Paranormal Phenomenon Real

Are ghosts real? Many people speculate about whether paranormal phenomenon is believable and if it exists. The concept of a multiverse and unexplainable sightings have led to the belief that the supernatural and paranormal activity exists. Scientists and paranormal investigators have been studying this concept for hundreds of years from the understanding of what an … Read more

Haunted Hotel Research Paper

Home to numerous U. S presidents and first ladies, this presidential palace is the world’s most famous residence of unexplainable footsteps, weird knockings, slamming of doors, and even the sensation of cold chills, all reported by many government officials and workers. Abraham Lincoln, who is said to have foreseen his own death, is reported to … Read more