Cherokee Family Structure Essay

It is believed the Cherokee tribe originated in the Great Lakes area and are of Iroquoian descent. Due to unknown circumstances, the tribe eventually migrated to the Southeast portion of the the United States. The first record of interactions with the Cherokee people was in the sixteenth century with Spanish explorers. The Cherokee people have … Read more

Essay about Trail Of Tears History

There has been many black spots throughout American history, one that frequently comes to mind would be the Trail of Tears. The Trail of Tears refers to the period of time in which the Federal government forcibly removed thousands of Cherokee, along with the members of other Indian tribes. The Cherokee was succumbed to disease, … Read more

Essay on Impact Of Andrew Jacksons Indian Removal Policy On Native Americans

Did Andrew Jackson’s Indian Removal policy benefit Native Americans? The Indian Removal act did a good amount of things for the Indians; but when I say good, it wasn’t really that good. This act mainly benefited people who received the land that the Indians were on. This coincides with how Native Americans were constantly treated … Read more

Cherokee Removal Analysis Essay

During the Cherokee removal period, many Cherokees stood up to express their opinions on this conflict. Most of the Cherokee members were against this act and furiously fought back against Congress’s decision. However, there were some who have other ideas about the Cherokee Nation’s future – they believed it was better for them to move. … Read more