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Every year, my medieval history and literature students fall in love with Beowulf. This story captures their imaginations; they love to attempt to draw Grendel and reenact the fight with his mother.

Their enthusiasm is contagious. After a few weeks of trying to draw Grendel, they go to the library for a book about kings but discover that the description of him in that volume is about as accurate as the description of men. So they get excited and start looking at the details of the fight to try to capture what they love about them from their medieval literature courses. This is how I came across this image.

The sword is the king’s. If you look closely, you can see it has the same edge: the crown. It’s quite striking indeed, but the crown is quite obvious. The crown has this stylised, rectangular structure. There is the whole thing, but it never crosses over a man’s face.

They’re not afraid of what is behind and behind them; they’re afraid of what isn’t. This reminds me of the idea that King Custer once said, “If you want to be feared, fight behind me. Don’t worry about what’s underneath you.” Or something like that.

No, he wasn’t afraid of the people below, he wanted to take the fear away from them. When they’re fighting behind the king,

Beowulf essay examples For Free

The epic poem Beowulf, written in Old English by Christian monks around 750 AD, is a wonderful adventure story about a warrior who kills ferocious monsters. The use of description and imagery enlivens the story, making it possible for a reader to really see in his or her mind the characters and events. Metaphors and […]

Contrasting points of view in Grendel and Beowulf significantly alter the readers perception of religion, good and evil, and the character Grendel. John Gardners book, Grendel, is written in first person. The book translated by Burton Raffel, Beowulf, is written in third person. Good and evil is one of the main conflicts in the poem […]

One of Beowulf’s main characteristics is his ever present pride. To most protagonists their pride is usually explained by a friend or narrator. However, Beowulf is one who likes to show the whole world how important and valuable he is to them. Through out the chapters which we have read it seems as though the […]

Beowulf, the story written by an unknown poet, is a contrasting mixture of both Christian and pagan aspects that frequently refer to the Old Testament of the bible. These elements which are intertwined, tell the story of monsters and a tragic hero who has virtues of courage and loyalty, but who also bears sinful morals. […]

Heroes today have changed from those of Beowulf’s day. Back in the time of Beowulf heroes were mainly the protectors of the country such as warriors and kings. The roles have changed today were heroes consist of celebrities and sport players. The roles have changed because our society has changed as well. In the time […]

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