Fluorescence Lab

Fluorescence is a type of photoluminescence spectroscopy. Fluorescence occurs when a photon is emitted from a molecule as it moves from a higher excited state to a lower excited state with in the same spin. A molecule normally is in its ground state energy. When a light source puts off an electromagnetic energy, the molecule … Read more

Theoretical Ir Spectrum

Objective The goal of this experiment is to characterize NaBD4 and NaBH4 using infrared (IR) spectroscopy and melting points. The changes in the spectra due to isotopic labeling are compared to calculated values from the simple harmonic oscillator model. In addition, the specific molecular vibration nodes are visualized using computational chemistry software. Introduction The Lewis … Read more

Why Rutherford Was Chosen? Essay

Six scientists were chosen to see which one had made the greatest contribution to our current understanding of the atom’s structure. Our knowledge of an atom’s appearance and structure have evolved from years and years of development and contribution from many different scientists. Scientist Ernest Rutherford had been the best contributor to the understanding of … Read more