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Ancient History – Queens Question

Of all the royal women, the most important was the queen consort. If she happened to also be the mother of the heir-apparent, her stature further enhanced. The most influential queens of the new kingdom were as followed; Tetisheri the grandmother of Ahmose, Ahhotep the mother of Ahmose and Ahmose-Nefertari, The sister-wife of Ahmose, whilst having great influence over Hatshepsut, who later is known as one of the greatest Pharaohs.

Queen Tetisheri was the first major queen, coming from non-royal parents, and being the wife of Seqenere Tao, and the mother of Seqenere Tao 2. Credited as the ‘Mother of The New Kingdom’ due to her influence on her son, and grandsons; Kamose and Ahmose, who fought to expel the Hyksos. Even after losing her son, she supported both Kamose and Ahmose as they fought, apparently a valued advisor and confidant for all three Kings.

Evidence of her importance can be seen from on a stela at Abydos where King Ahmose described wishing to build a chapel for her. Daughter of Tetisheri, Ahhotep was sister/wife of Seqenere Tao 2 and probably mother of Ahmose, perhaps played a major role in political role in the early years, whilst also maybe being regent to Ahmose early in his reign. Having her name on the doorway of the temple of Behan in Nubia and Ahmose’s Karnak stela suggests that she may have quelled a rebellion in Upper Egypt during unsettled period of the war with the Hyksos.

Her coffin and mummy were found with also jewelry around her, mostly all from her son Ahmose, and also finding a beautiful pendant of lilted gold threat with three golden flies, which may have been ‘gold of valour’. Most likely given to her for the role she played in the military, showing that was high ranked and influential. The wife of King Ahmose, Ahmose-Nefertari was of royal blood, and perhaps the daughter of Kamose or sister of Ahmose. Ahmose-Nefertari appeared to play an important role in his reign, ruling as co-regent with her son Amenhotep I and her grandson Thutmosis.

Thutmosis also placed her stature in the temple at Karnak to honor her, and her mortuary cult was observed long after her death. Holding titles such as ‘Kings Daughter’, King’s Sister’ and played a major role in religious positions ‘God’s Wife of Amun’, a position of great power had given the primacy of the cult of Amun. From all these Queens, they influenced one of the greatest queens to ever come, achieving the title of Pharaoh, and ‘Gods Wife’ and maintaining her rank for 20 Years. Maintaining the most power, having her claim to the throne by referring to her past and loodline; Daughter of Thutmose I, Wife of Thutmose II, Regent of Thutmose III and being Pharaoh (Co-Regency with Thutmose III for Roughly 20 Years) Hatshepsut also held an important role in promoting the god Amun, also holding the name ‘Gods Wife’ and using it and propaganda to help the religion. Her Greatest achievements were her building program and trading expedition to the land of Punt. It was considered so important that of her magnificence mortuary temple at Deir El-Bahri. Also having great pride in her Obelisks and there creation, still having one Erected to this modern day. Whilst also expanding the temple Complex at Karnak.

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