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To What Extent Is The Paranormal Phenomenon Real

Are ghosts real? Many people speculate about whether paranormal phenomenon is believable and if it exists. The concept of a multiverse and unexplainable sightings have led to the belief that the supernatural and paranormal activity exists. Scientists and paranormal investigators have been studying this concept for hundreds of years from the understanding of what an entity is, the use of scientific technology to collect evidence, and personal experience. Paranormal activity is real, not just a fabrication of the mind and they are entities apart from the Earth.

According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, paranormal is defined as not understandable in terms of known scientific laws and phenomena. For this reason, the need for a paranormal investigator or scientist to use the word “entity” in explaining something paranormal is because paranormal experiences are unexplainable and so little is known about them except for the fact that they exist and interact in our world. There are many types of entities, such as a ghost (apparition) and a demonic entity, due to the intensity of several paranormal encounters.

According to paranormal enthusiast and investigator, Ryan Dube, a ghost (apparition) “… usually exists in a location where a person or animal repeated the same task over and over during its life” (Dube). Also, “Some investigators believe that through repetition, a psychic imprint is left within that space and remains long after the person or animal has passed away” (Dube). Examples of these types of ghosts can include a widow who lost her husband or soldiers who passed away fighting during a battle.

Often enough, if a strong emotion has been left at a location, it is highly probable that a paranormal imprint has been made. Paranormal investigators and scientists continuously gather evidence to prove what each phenomena is. On the authority of The Spirit Research Society, demonic entities are, “… completely spiritual or ethereal in nature and actually have never lived as human beings” (What Exactly are Entities? ). These types of entities are typically uncommon and it is crucial to be able to distinguish a demonic entity from a ghost.

The only way to encounter such an entity is to let it into the individual’s life. Such as using a Ouija Board to contact the dead can let a demonic entity attach itself to a person. Incase this instance were to happen, it is challenging to send it back to where it came from and a priest should be contacted in taking on this type of entity. Even though the knowledge about entities that paranormal investigators know is considered a phenomenon, it is apparent that one knows the different types of entities to understand the realness behind the paranormal.

There are many different types of technologies that scientists and paranormal investigators use to communicate with the paranormal. Very compelling evidence of the paranormal can be seen and heard from pictures, videos, EVPs (electronic voice phenomenons), and energy anomalies. Many ghost hunting TV shows use these types of technologies to further investigate the paranormal and provide evidence as to why they exist. One TV show in particular, Ghost Adventures, first appearing in 2007 as a documentary captured one of the most compelling pieces of paranormal evidence that has ever been found.

They captured a full-body apparition walking and a brick lifting up off the ground and flying around a room. However, some people may be skeptical to what they found because it was seen on TV. Nevertheless, these and many other paranormal investigators continue to provide different types of evidence and scientific explanations as to why the paranormal is real. According to Exemplore, “Photos of ghosts have been around about as long as photography itself” (Scientific Evidence and Proof That Ghosts Exist). Within photos, it may be depicting a full-body apparition, a mist like figure, or a light orb.

Often enough, investigators can say that there is no reasonable explanation for the appearance of such abnormality. Video evidence such as digital, thermal, and night vision cameras capture pretty believable pieces of evidence of ghosts being caught in the act. As well from Exemplore, “Full-bodied apparitions, shadow people, objects moving on their own, and even the bizarre gremlin-like hooded spirit captured by Ghost Hunters at Eastern State Penitentiary are extremely compelling pieces of footage” (Scientific Evidence and Proof That Ghosts Exist).

Video of the paranormal can give the viewer a perspective of things, like what happened during the time it was captured to debunk any possibilities that what they are capturing is fake. EVPs are electronic voice phenomenon as stated before. An EVP uses white noise to record things that entities say that cannot be heard by the human ear. As for the scientific aspect of EVPs, white noise is used because ghost voices cannot be heard without help and they are not detectable from other frequencies in given time and place. White noise aids in this process.

When the recording is reviewed, it is evident what a spirit might be saying. Another piece of helpful technology is the Ovilus. Created by Bill Chappell, the Ovilus reads the surrounding environment and translates the picked up numbers into words. Paranormal investigators use the Ovilus to communicate with the dead. Even inventor, Bill Chappell is amazed by the compelling evidence that has been captured using this device. He says, “… built hundreds of devices and performed countless experiments over the last decade trying to understand the phenomena of EVPs and instrumental transcommunication.

The unmistakable conclusion,’ he wrote. ‘It is us, we are the ghosts. ’” (Creator of gadgets for Ghost Adventures show says he does not believe in ghosts). Furthermore, humans give off electromagnetic fields. Stated by the Law of Conservation of Energy, energy cannot be created or destroyed, only transferred. When we die, some believe that our energy becomes “human spirit”. An EMF detector can detect electromagnetic energy, or a ghost. Many scientists believe that spirits can draw energy from surrounding sources like a battery to be detectable.

Overall, the technology that scientists and paranormal investigators can use to capture proof of the paranormal is undeniably compelling. Although there is room for speculation, like photoshop, video editing, and audio editing, it is highly undeniable that there is no reasonable explanation as for why and how the paranormal exists. Millions of people believe in ghosts through personal experience. These individuals have seen or sensed something that has no logical explanation. From this type of encounter, the belief of paranormal activity becomes real, not just a figment of imagination.

According to My Ghost Experience, Julie Ness shares her ghost story. She moved into a house with her husband and every night they could hear footsteps coming up the stairs. Finally, one night the noise entered their room. “[Julie] Suddenly I felt air blow on my cheek. It was just the same as if someone had breathed on me, except it was a lot colder, ice cold” (Ness). From this experience and other instances from living in that house, Julie started to believe in the paranormal. Julie quotes, “It forever changed how I view things” (Ness). This one personal experience goes to show how the paranormal is real.

Many people throughout the world have experienced paranormal activity by personal experience, making sources for the paranormal more credible. Although skeptics may say that anecdotal evidence is not completely reliable, in law, witness testimonies are used as anecdotal evidence to decide the verdict of a case. Some examples of analyzing anecdotal evidence in law may be the use of questioning, evidence of validating witnesses, pictures, and videos. The same goes for documenting the paranormal. Then why are people so skeptical of evidence that is used in a court of law?

This shows that anecdotal evidence is reliable and is an explanation on why people believe in the paranormal. Of course many people will always be skeptical of the paranormal and not believe that it is not real. However, it is real. By knowing the different types of paranormal entities, the technology used in investigating the paranormal, and personal experience, it is easy to conclude that paranormal activity is real. Though, the credibility of the paranormal can be questioned, there is no doubt about the many pieces of compelling evidence to say that the paranormal is real.

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